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sop for nursing applicationWriting an amazing SoP for nursing must need to be straightforward. The admission committee is not looking for gimmicks, but they are looking for motivated, prepared and passionate individuals who are ready to become part of their program. In writing the essay, it should be personal and reflect what you really want to offer to the program.

Relevant Quotes in SoP

It is a good idea to start your nursing SoP with inspiring quote. Here are some of the quotes that you incorporate in your essay.

  • Build your dreams or others will hire you in building theirs.
  • Go confidently in tour dreams and live the life you imagined.
  • I am not a product of circumstances, but a product of my own decisions.
  • You will never cross the ocean until you have courage in losing sight of the shore.

Tips in Writing Nursing SoP

Know what the admission is seeking: many programs will tell what exactly they are looking for and you need to make sure that you structured your essay in what they require. It is essential to review the prompt and to plan how you start writing your essay. Be sure to write an essay that is persuasive and effective. Here are some nursing personal statement tips you need to follow:

  • Be personal: Your SoP nursing should be about you wherein you need to write issues related to your personal experiences. You need to make sure that the committee will be glad and interested in reading your essay.
  • Keep anecdotes focused: If you decided to use anecdotes, you need to keep it focused. Some applicants start their essay with an anecdote about what happened during their high school or childhood. This will make sense, but it is better to start differently.
  • Make connections and know the program: In your essay, it is better to write about your professors who helped you a lot. It is better to give information outside the classroom for the committee to know more that you have done beyond classroom.
  • Strong conclusion: If it is important to have a strong opening, you also need to have strong ending. You need to leave your readers with details that they will remember. Make sure that you give your best shot so that you will be accepted.
  • Plan: Planning is the very first things you need to do because it will help you to know what you will include. You need to ensure that you do your best in writing and you can do it if you plan. Think how you start writing your essay, what you will include, what story you share, what experience you write and others.
  • Proofread: Do not submit your essay without proofreading because the committee is too strict. They want to read a paper that is of high quality and without any mistakes. If they find out that it has many errors, they will not have the interest continue reading your essay.

Advice from Expert

“It is worthless to continue applying if you do not go through entire application procedure. It is essential that you have realistic understanding in what you will include in your essay” Schmill

“The SOP is the hardest thing that applicants will write, but  to have the best essay, it must be clear and direct. Applicants also need to follow the word count” Vince Gotera

There you have the details you need to know in writing the SoP to get your MSN degree. If you know what to do, you will not have a hard time. If you are ready, start writing your essay while you have enough time left.

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