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university of maryland nursing program applyingUniversity of Maryland nursing school drives force and advance science of nursing through practice learning, innovative research as well as have unwavering commitment to community of their us amd international students. To know more details about the program, its requirements and deadlines here are the facts that you need to know.

Facts About University of Maryland Nursing Program

  • University of Maryland doctor of nursing program ranked as number five according to US News and World Report.
  • The campus of the program is located near Medical Center of the university, University of Maryland BioPark, Baltimore VA Medical Center and University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute.
  • Nursing program of the university is one of the best nursing schools in the country and they have internationally recognized researchers and faculty. They are one of the most affordable nurse practitioner programs in Maryland.
  • In applying to UMSON, you are taking step to become the best next generator of healthcare for Americans, Marylanders and rest of the world.

Application Process

Before you start your online application, be sure that you read all instructions so that you know what you will do. For every application, you will need:

  • Fee: $75, which is a non-refundable fee and you need to keep in mind that all applications will not be processed until applicants settle the fee. The program strongly recommends that applicants should pay the fee online. On the other hand, applicants can send money order or personal check to the university office of admissions.
  • Official transcript: The official transcript of record for each school you attended or currently attending should be submitted to office of admissions in sealed envelope. Electronic transcripts from the university system of Maryland schools will be accepted in lieu of sealed and official transcripts.
  • Essay portion: Applicants can submit their essay portion together with their online application. The program recommended applicants to compose an essay using the word processing software and it should be copy and pasted into the box in applicant’s online application. For candidates who cannot submit the essay online, they need to mail it to the email address given by the program.
  • Typed CV or resume: CV and resumes should be submitted by email. Make sure that you include your complete name with your resume submission
  • Letters of recommendation: BSN candidates need to submit two letters of recommendation from academic sources. For CNL candidates, they need to submit one letter of recommendation coming from faculty member. For RN to BSN candidates, they need to submit two letters of recommendation and one from academic source. For RN to MS candidates, they need to submit one letter of recommendation. In addition, MS applicants need to submit one recommendation letter from recent professional source and DNP applicants need to submit two letters of recommendation from people who have knowledge about their experience and work performance. In addition, PhD applicants need to submit three letters of recommendation from individuals who have knowledge about their experience and work performance.
  • Applicants for in state: Applicants for in-state need to complete their application. They need to download, print and complete the form before they mail it.
  • Degree requirements: For applicants without degree from United States need to submit IELTS or TOEFL exam scores that is taken within 2 years of their application.
  • Foreign coursework evaluation: Candidates previously or currently enrolled in foreign coursework need to have official course-by-course evaluation by Foreign Education Credential Services, Education Credential Evaluators and World Evaluation Services.
  • Online application: Applicants need to complete their online application before sending supporting documents in the program. Supporting materials and applications that are submitted to school of nursing become property of the university.

By learning of these details about the University Of Maryland College Of Nursing, you will have a clear picture on what to expect and prepare for, but make sure to submit stellar application documents for a chance to becoming one of the successful applicants to its nursing school. You also need to submit everything on time to be accepted no matter where you’re applying to Maryland or New York University College of Nursing.

Start applying to the University of Maryland nursing school today!

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