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AOCN certification differs from other certifications like ACRN certification. It will give you the opportunity to meet your needs and to become certified as well as recognized in your chosen specialty. It is important that you know what requirements to put on your resume, which you may learn from our ICU nurse resume sample.

Eligibility Criteria for Initial Certification

  • Active and current unencumbered license as registered nurse in the United States, Canada or territories of US at time of application as well examination
  • At least one year oncology nursing practice within 2 ½ years prior to application. Take note that nursing practice can be in nursing administration, clinical practice, research, consultation or education. In order to qualify, the role should only be filled by registered nurse
  • Complete ten contact hours of nursing education in oncology or academic elective in oncology within 3 years prior to application. It is essential that the contact hours should be formally approved or provided by accredited approved or provider of continuing nursing education.

Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse: Applying for the Certification

The certification test is 3 hour with 165 multiple-choice questions that is based on OCN test content outline. When it comes to the OCN test content outline, it includes 9 major subject areas and each of the area has percentage being assigned. In fact, many nurses that have passed the test tell that the content outline test was helpful in order for them to know more information about the area they study. Some of them would likely apply to a professional oncology nurse resume writing service and the statistics show that with the help of it such nurses will pass the test successfully.

Maintaining the Certification

If you passed the test, you should be proud and if you want to keep your certification, it is essential that you earn points for the certification renewal by completing continuing medical education, continuing education, have work that is published or academic education credits. To maintain your certification, here is what you need to remember:

  • Determine where you log your details: If you have passed the test in the year 2012 or later, you need to use your LearningBuilder or Learning Plan. Also, if you renewed via ONC-PRO in the year 2012 to 2015, it is important to take the assessment in determining your points. After you are assessed, you will be notified.
  • Plan your professional development: Your test score or assessment results will tell about number of your professional development points and subject areas that range from 25 to 100.
  • Choose the necessary subjects: Use your assessment results or score report to see which area of subject you need for professional development. After that, you need to refer back to content outline test to help you in identifying a program in subject area you need.
  • Enter points: Be sure that you keep track of your details.
  • Keep all documentation: It is important that you record your points as well as to keep copies of your reports, publications, educational objectives, RN programs descriptions and outlines.

Advice from an Expert

oncology nurse certification documents“If you want to pass the exam, you need to make a schedule and to take practice questions. It is also important that you participate in OCN review classes so that you gain ideas and knowledge. To learn more, it is better to take free exams or if you have cash, you can purchase exams. Doing all of these things gives you the chance to pass the certification examination” OCN Review

It is important to have oncology nurse certification because it will help you to practice your specialty. It will give you the chance to meet other professionals and to work with them. There are many things you will experience if you have a certification in oncology. You have more opportunities, more learning, more training and others. It is worth to have this certification or ACRN certification because you excel more.

Give your best shot for an AOCN certification today!

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