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University of Michigan Nursing School is offering many programs that you can choose from for your nurse specialization. They are one of the best choices of students and if you want to become part of them, there are requirements you need to submit.

University of Michigan Nursing Program Application Requirements

Transfer students: Transfer students from other universities can be accepted in undergraduate nursing program of the school. For nursing transfer students who apply previous coursework, they can immediately start their BSN curriculum.

Undergraduate Honors program: The program gives special opportunities to students who want to delve further in their undergraduate educational research and experience. Students in the program work with faculty, participate in mentorship program, interact and meet with nursing profession leaders, cultivate leadership capabilities through community service, learn through special honors seminars and are engage with the faculty in small settings.

BSN program: To be considered for the program, candidates must need to complete their high school studies or be in their final year with following credits:

  • Four units of English
  • Four units of science, which include one chemistry and two unites of lab science
  • Three units of math, which include one and two geometry
  • Two units of social science
  • Two units of foreign language
  • Four units of other subjects

Application Requirements

Deadline: Be sure to visit the website of the program to know the exact detail of the application deadline.

Undergraduate Common Application: Submit the common application online, answer U-M questions, and submit school report, teacher evaluation and official high school transcript. International students need to submit their IELTS, MELAB or TOEFL scores. They also need to pay the application fee to be considered.

Traditional BSN Program: In order to be considered to the program, transfer students need to complete pre-requisite coursework, which include:

  • Introductory psychology
  • English composition
  • Organic biochemistry
  • Developmental psychology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Electives (seven to eight credits)

Note: Sophomore level transfer students may transfer up to thirty credits, which include pre-requisite coursework. All the pre-requisite coursework should be completed. It is strongly encouraged that candidates complete the anatomy and physiology as well as organic biochemistry.

Certificate in Nursing Education: To apply for the program, candidates need to enrol in PhD program or master’s degree program in nursing at University of Michigan or applicants completed nursing PhD or master’s degree at accredited school.

Application requirements: For students who are currently enrolled at nursing program of the school, they need to contact Office of Student, Academic and Multicultural Services for application details. For students who earned doctoral or master’s degree in nursing at accredited university, they need to apply for Postmaster’s Certificate Nursing Education.

Master’s programs: To be considered for the master’s program, candidates must need to:

  • Earned BS nursing or in the process of completing BS in Nursing from AACN, NLN or CCNE accredited school
  • Have grade of B in undergraduate coursework or GPA of 3.0 in a 4.0 scale

Note: GRE is only required for applicants who have cumulative final BS in Nursing GPA is between 3 to 3.249 in 4.0 scales. University of Michigan do not require applicants to have work experience in RN to apply for the program.

Piece of Advice from Expert

university of michigan nursing program help“Applicants must know their priorities in applying and it is also important to tell about their experience. When it comes to essay, it is a good thing to make it a little bit humorous”  Alycia Sullivan

If you know all the details about School of Nursing University of Michigan, you can start applying and make sure that you prepare all the documents needed for your application to be considered on time. It’s important no matter where you apply to Michigan, University of Maryland Nursing School or any other one.

Submit your requirements to the University of Michigan Nursing School today!

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