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University of Texas nursing school is one of the best nursing universities in the country and they have history of excellence in research, service and academics. They earn their distinction because of their dedicated faculty, innovative research and collaborative partnerships.

About University of Texas Nursing Program

university of texas nursing program applyingThe nursing program prepares students to have a rewarding career enriching practical world as well as help them to further their nursing research. Undergraduate students will know more about leadership and practice skills. Graduate students will have more opportunities in leadership, advanced practice, research, education and administration. The school of nursing research is focus on health promotion and health behaviours across lifespan. They also have wellness center that gives about 11,000 primary health care visits to uninsured women, men and children as well as to low income individuals in Travis County and Austin.

Nursing Information and Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Nursing is offering students a dynamic course of study in practical and theoretical. The program is preparing graduates to have a chance to work in clinical settings and to have the necessary foundation for doctoral and a master of arts in nursing.

Standard for nursing practice: Nursing students and practicing nurses are held to a great standard of competencies in performing responsible safe care. Completing of the program requires students to demonstrate ability to perform numerous important skills safely and effectively.

AE-MSN admission requirements: Students who are interested in applying for the nursing graduate study should meet the admission requirements.

  • Bachelor’s degree in area other than nursing
  • GPA of 3.0 in 1 4.0 scale or graduate work that is previously completed
  • Completed of GRE within past 5 years with a school code of 6882
  • Completion of the required AE-MSN prerequisite courses at time of the summer enrolment
  • Three electronic recommendation letter and at the time of candidates application, they need to give the name, email address and position for three recommenders. For recommenders, they receive instructions in completing the electronic recommendation form. It is essential that one reference should come from healthcare professional like physician, clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner or nurse.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Statement of purpose

Note: It is important that candidates to AE-MSN program must need to have work or volunteer experience in healthcare field.

Master of Science in Nursing: The program is designed to give opportunity to advanced study in chosen areas of professional foundations, nursing science, modes of systematic inquiry and related sciences. The program requires students to have RN license or hold BSN degree or non-nursing baccalaureate degree. Here are requirements needed to apply for the program:

  • Bachelor of Science in nursing or associate degree in nursing, nursing diploma or non-bachelor’s degree
  • GPA of 3.0 in a 4.0 scale or any graduate work completed
  • Completion of GRE within past 5 years with school code of 6882
  • Current RN license in Texas or license coming from the Nurse Licensure Compact

Piece of Advice from Expert

“If you want to become part of the University of Texas online nursing program, it is essential that you will not be discouraged and you need to make sure that your essay will stand out. To be considered, you also need to complete all the pre-requisites”.

It is not easy to apply to the nursing program no matter which one, University of Illinois College of Nursing, Texas or any other one because there are many things you need to complete and there are application process you need to follow. To become part of the program, make sure that you start applying as early as possible so that you can complete all the needed documents on time. Be sure that you have time management.

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