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According to Health Statistics 2008 Census, there are over 66,200 health educators that are working in industry to improve employee health and decreased productivity. There are health educators also who work in hospitals, health plans and clinics in promoting lifestyles, help families to recover from their condition and illness and to help patients. Health educators also work in county, health departments and municipal that protects and promotes health of populations living in that geographic area.

Health Education Certification

ches certification deadlinesIndividuals having health education specialist education give health care workers and have the chance to study the concepts, skills, fundamental principles as well as health promotion. The certification is designed that enable students to learn fundamental principles, skills, health promotion, concepts as well as disease prevention. When it comes to the competencies, it is selected from the competencies of National for Health Education Credentials. The course must need to be completed having grade of B or higher in order to get the certificate. The certificate will be given to the person after all requirements are met. For students who want to pursue Certified Health Education Specialists National Certification or CHES, students need to take ten additional credit hours of the recommended coursework in meeting the twenty five credit hours as well as additional competencies that is required for eligibility of national certification examination. After your certification, you should write a resume or a pediatric nursing resume to apply for a job.


  • Principles of Health Education
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • Public Health Communication
  • Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Public Health Informatics

Note: The students have the opportunity to complete the course study in two years. Every course need to be completed with a grade of B or higher in order to be eligible for the certificate.

Certified Health Education Specialist Certification Requirements

  • Official transcript of record
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Complete the online application form
  • Pay the required fee
  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • Undergrad GPA of 3.0 or higher in 4.0 scale

Note: Undergraduate coursework that is taken at foreign BSN schools should be evaluated for United States school equivalent. It is essential to visit International Students and Scholars site for the Credential Evaluation Services.

For applicants who graduated from university or college in another country where English is not their primary language whatever their residency status, you need to obtain minimum score of 214 on computerized, 550 on written or 79 to 80 on internet based TOEFL. The official scores should be sent from education testing service.

The admission committee will review applications and create recommendations to the program director as well as to the dean of the college.

Evaluation methods: The faculty will evaluate student performance with the use of variety as assessment methods whether it is presentations, examinations, research papers, multiple choice examinations or special assignments. It is essential that students should complete the course evaluation at end of every course. The student is required to take as well as pass the competency based comprehensive examination at end of the course.

Becoming Health Education Specialist

  • Research needed education and duties for health education specialists
  • Choose accredited public health program
  • Earn your degree
  • Obtain teaching certificate and license
  • Get certified

There you have the information you need to know about CHES certification. If you want to be certified, it is essential that you do your best and meet all requirements, it doesn’t matter for what qualification you’re applying whether it’s CHES or CFRN certification. You also need to complete the course of study so that you will qualify. It is better to check out the site so that you will know what to do and what other materials you need to submit. If you want to practice as health education specialist, then this is the right time to start completing all requirements.

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