Marquis ForemanMagdalena Mateo, PhD, RN, FAAN – an associate professor emeritus at Northwestern University School of Nursing. Her previous book, “Using and Conducting Nursing Research in the Clinical Setting”, won the 1999 AJN Book of the Year Award.

Marquis Foreman, PhD, RN, FAAN, is professor and chair of adult health and gerontological nursing. He’s won numerous awards for his work in delirium in elderly hospital patients.

Review Of Research for Advanced Practice Nurses

Research for Advanced Practice Nurses, Second EditionResearch For Advanced Practice Nurses has only gotten better. The book is an anthology, featuring the work of many different writers. Well-organized and thorough, it answers a number of questions a reader may not have even been aware of having. It’s designed for graduate student use, and can also help clinical administrators and managers in DNP programs. It offers a number of perspectives on developing and maintaining evidence-based practice.

The book’s strength is its clear tone. The authors choose to write in a casual tone compared to many textbooks, which makes difficult concepts much easier to understand. Everything from one case study up to full meta-analysis is treated in a coherent and cognizant way that will help the student or professional alike.

For the second edition, new content has been added, the information from the first edition has been updated, and two new chapters have been written. One of these concerns establishing EBT and sustaining it, and the other discusses the importance of the research question to the development of study methods. Several new authors have come on board to provide new perspectives. New data collection and analysis methods, new guidelines on ethics and evaluation of research, and new strategies for evidence-based practices have been developed. Additionally, there are eBook and advanced PDF options. The second-edition update has been overall competent.

Students are liable to want to purchase this book rather than rent it, as it is an incredible resource for research practices. It’s the sort of book you can save and use over and over again in the course of your career. No matter what your specialty, the wealth of information on EBP will help you become a stronger researcher. If you have any intention of going into medical research, this is an excellent choice for your bookshelf.

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