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Certified foot care nurse certificate or CFCN certification course combines advanced and basic course of studies, including current best practice in treatment standards of practice and nursing assessment competencies in nursing foot care. The course is being offered in hybrid, online or class and it is open to nurses that are registered, licensed practical nurses, registered practical nurses as well as nurse practitioners who are licensed in practicing nurse profession in the nation and, as most of the nurse practitioner resume tips suggest, will be a huge advantage to have on a resume.

It is important to know that student nurses are not allowed or eligible to register for the course.

Comprehensive Advanced and Basic Nursing Foot Care Online Certificate

The online certificate course is only designed for registered practical nurses, registered nurses and license practical nurse of different types of nursing degrees that cannot attend the onsite advanced and basic foot care nurse certification course and wants to increase their skills in giving treatment for foot care clients.

  • Prerequisite: The course is open to nurses with non-restricted registration. The applicant can be a registered practical nurse, license practical nurse or registered nurse in his country.
  • For Canadian nurses: In addition to registration with applicant nursing associations as well as college of practice in applicant’s province.
  • For Ontario nurses: It is important to have membership of the CNO having non-restricted license to practice.
  • Duration: The duration is 90 hours, which include submission of the 20 case studies that applicant find on his own with the use of high risk nursing assessment, nursing process having before & after pictures of the treatment and diabetic foot screen.
  • Tuition fee: It includes an online access for ten weeks to all materials online that is needed in completing the course.

Note: Student is expected to buy foot care kit and it is essential to fill out the registration form offered by the course. The program will contact students about the acceptance, online access code and fees. For the payment as well as approval in the program, student will get confirmation email and access code within 24 hours to begin the program.

Refund Policy

After the confirmation email, as well as access code in completing the course, has been issued, take note that there is no refund of the tuition fees. The time you get the access code, it is expected that you complete the program in ten weeks or complete it sooner. If you need more time to complete the course, then the situation will be based on case to base basis. For student who did not complete the course, they get incomplete grade.

If students complete the course in ten weeks and upon completion of online foot care competency exam, passing online theory and submission of the twenty practice case studies, you get certified foot care nurse CFCN certificate.

Piece of Advice from Expert

cfcn certification requirements“Completing the course is tough that is why it is needed to make friends, get to know the professors, have the best experience, become an active learner and do not be stress, but enjoy. All of these things are essential in completing the course in order to get the certification you need” Erin Tolbert.

It is not easy to study and complete a certification whether it’s CFCN or CDE certification, but you need to do your best. You need to make sure that you qualify and able to impress the program. All the things that are needed by the program, you need to provide it so that you will be accepted. If you want to have the certificate for foot care nurse, then do not miss this opportunity. You should give everything that the program is looking for.

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