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Columbia University is one of the leading nursing education, practice and research. It is situated in New York City and it prepares student to excel as researchers, nurse leaders and clinicians in health care system. The nursing education enable student to practice giving accurate treatment as well as independent diagnosis. Their excellent faculty serve as role models and educators and they make sure to maintain active practice and introduce their students to challenges of the nursing care by giving world experiences inside the classroom.

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Columbia University School of Nursing Admissions

Columbia University Nursing School brings together a community of best minds that is committed to excel in research and clinical practice, both internationally and domestically. The program receives applications across the country and they are looking for persons who give them spirit of commitment, motivation and inquiry. If you just starting to search for the best accredited nursing schools or you already have a plan and ready to apply, the admission staffs is there to help you. They welcome applicant’s phone calls, personal visits and emails and they are looking forward to communicate with you.

Note: you are welcome to visit and speak with the admission administrators who will be your guide with any concerns and questions. For walk in hours from Monday to Friday, the visiting hours is 10 o clock am until three o clock pm only. For appointments from Monday to Friday, the time is nine o clock am until five o clock pm only. It is essential to send appointment request to the email address given by the program with subject “appointment request” so that they will know what to do. The admission office will contact applicants within one to two business days about the availability.

Financial aid: Financial aid office gives counselling on opportunities to fund applicant’s education as well as achieve their educational goals. They are committed in working with applicants and helping them to navigate process of applying for and managing their financial aid.

Master Direct Entry, PhD, DNP

MDE program is an accelerated program in nursing and it is full time offering professional nursing in basic competence and coursework in mater’s. The program can enrolled with any of the available doctorate programs. There will be three applications:


  • 15 months
  • Eligibility for registered nurse license after applicants complete the program


  • Four years or 15 months Masters of Direct Entry plus three years DNP
  • Eligibility for the registered nurse licensure after Master’s of Direct Entry portion of program
  • Eligibility for the APRN licensure during the DNP portion of program


  • Four to five years or 15 months Master’s of Direct Entry plus three to four years PhD
  • Eligibility for the registered nurse licensure after Master’s of Direct Entry portion of program

Master of Science in Nursing in Anesthesia: The program can be completed in 27 months if full time. It is a program that is front loaded including residency in clinical anesthesia.

Post-BS DNP: The program can be completed in 3 years preparing RNs as advanced clinical healthcare practitioners. Students will learn how to evaluate the status of health of families and individuals. They also learn how to build good relationships, participate as well as make use of the research.

Post MSN DNP: The program can be completed in two years and it prepares students to become comprehensive heatlhcare practitioners that give full accountable as well as continuous patients care.

Doctor of Philosophy: The program can be completed in three to four years that gives wonderful foundation in research methods and nursing science graduates that enable them to have evidence based research. They will be mentored by the best faculty advisors.

Piece of Advice from Expert

columbia university nursing school requirements“Getting into Columbia University nursing program is not easy and if you want to become part of it, it is important to make a research and know the prerequisites. It is also essential that you get experience and submit the best application. You need to ensure that the program will know how you are and if you can do it, you have a good chance to get a slot on the program” Sue Heacock

There you have what to know about the program and the things that you need to prepare and submit. Make sure to follow the timeline of submissions no matter where you’re applying to Columbia or Emory University School of Nursing. Use their official website for complete details on dates.

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