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bcen recertification requirements helpBCEN certifies emergency nurses who give emergency services and it was founded in the year 1980 representing over 13,000 certified emergency nurses and over 800 certified flight registered nurse. In the year 2005, BCEN, as well as Pediatric Nursing Certification Board, agreed to conduct an assessment that is related to development of pediatric emergency nursing certification. By end of 2008, the CPEN or Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse was developed and launched in 2009.

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BCEN is a non-profit organization that strives to continue upgrade and evaluate certifications exams for emergency nurses. The fact is that there are over 36,000 certified nurses. BCEN is offering Certified Transport Registered Nurse certification and they have equal partnership with Pediatric Nursing Certification Board that offers Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse certification.

BCEN Certification: Trends

BCEN announces the development of the trauma nursing certification examination. The Society of Trauma Nurses applauds the BCEN for introducing and developing trauma nursing certification examination that incorporate body of knowledge across continuum of care from injury prevention up to reintegration to home. The good news is that BCEN conducted significant research in determining the feasibility and necessity in offering the certification programs in trauma nursing like CRNA programs.

BCEN also offer key certification exam online wherein they have new format that have convenient option for emergency nurses in renewing professional certification. They launched a new web based exam simplifying the process for renewal for emergency nurses that seek certified emergency nurse certification. The internet based testing program is known as CEN-Renewal Option where the online exam will measure competency in emergency nursing. The online format exam gives emergency nurses a convenient testing and scheduling options 24 hours a day through web site. If the applicant complete the exam, he will receive an immediate score report. The online option is created in encouraging emergency nurses in order to conduct research outside in helping them properly address questions on exam.

Verify BCEN Credential

As hiring manager or employer, it is essential to validate and confirm professional credentials of your new employees, staff or applicants. In order to assist you with employee’s verification, you can use the site of National Student Clearing House. To verify the BCEN certification via NSC website, the BCEN holder must need to give his complete name and give his ID number. After that, the NSC verification report gives one of the two statuses:

  • Confirmed: Current BCEN certification and there is no other details given like certification expiration date or exam score.
  • Unable to confirm: Any other status such as not certified, certification expired or ID number given is incorrect or it does not match any ID number in BCEN applicant’s account.

Note: In the verification, there is a fee of $10 for each BCEN certification verified. Also, effective January 1, 2011, the organization does not accept manual verification requests, which means are verification requests for credential should be processed via NSC website.

A Piece of Advice from Expert

bcen recertification requirements“The applicant can obtain board certification in different types or nursing practice. For BCEN certification, it is important to meet all the requirements as well as to pass the exam. There are many benefits that you can get if your become board certified like demonstrating your skills” Laura Kinsella

When it comes to BCEN recertification, it is essential to check the site for more information. There are details that you can find out that will help you. It is important that you meet all the requirements so that you will qualify. Becoming a certified emergency nurse with the help of like BCEN or ARNP certification is a great chance that is why you should do your best to excel and stand out.

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