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vanderbilt university nursing school enrollInnovation and tradition combine in the university’s rich history. Vanderbilt University School of Nursing is recognized for their leadership that prepares professionals for the nursing practice, education, scholarly activity and healthcare leadership. Since 1908, the program has long standing of good reputation for excellence in practice, nursing teaching, research and informatics. In the year 1993, the school established a good nursing program that leads to scholarly activity and have positive impact on the health care delivery area.

Vanderbilt University Nursing School Opportunities

  • Master of Science in nursing: The program prepares student in a wide variety of specialty areas.
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice: It integrates course work that prepares scholars to become leaders in giving evidence-based knowledge in improving health care outcomes, clinical practice, and education as well as strengthening nursing management.
  • PhD in Nursing Science: It prepares scholars for teaching and research careers in some best universities.
  • Post Masters Certificates: It is available in many specialty areas for nurse practitioner such as adult acute care, neonatal, gerontological, informatics, nurse midwifery, healthcare leadership, and psychiatric mental health and pediatric.
  • Postdoctoral program: It is a 2-year program, where students extend knowledge in research areas, enhance their communication and writing skills, conduct successful interdisciplinary research projects and to have new peer networks.
  • Special non-degree students: Applicants who do not seek an online associate nursing degree can enroll with this program and they will enroll as special students.

PMC and MSN Admission Requirements

Vanderbilt University nursing program is always there to share and support you with essential information you need in preparing your application. They are looking forward to receive your application and answer your questions. For applicants, they are encouraged to attend the information session that is conducted by admission counsellor for assistance about the application process. The session is being held on Tuesdays from ten to eleven am and Fridays from two to three pm.

The program starts to review applications after the deadline and the admission is based on rolling basis. The programs are competitive and only have limited spaces for incoming students. There are requirements that applicants need to submit, which include:

  • All candidates need to submit online application including statement of purpose and settle the application fee. The SoP should reflect applicant understands about role of advanced practice nurse and their interest in patient population. Before writing the essay, you need to be sure that you review the details about the program so that you will clearly indicate to the admission committee your career goals. The online application system only allows one application.
  • Applicants that admitted to the program should earned undergraduate GPA of at least B or higher. The program requires official transcript of record from all universities or colleges attended. The transcript should be mailed to the given address of the program that is why you need to check the website of the nursing program.
  • Applicants must need to have satisfactory GRE exam within five years of application. It is essential to send the GRE scores to institution code of the program and to their department code. Post Master-certified candidates are not required to submit GRE. For MSN applicants, they need to have quantitative and verbal score in 50th percentile or higher. They are also recommended to have writing score of 4.5.
  • Applicants need to give 3 letters of professional reference and it should come from faculty members, work supervisors or professional colleagues who can truly evaluate the applicants’ potential to become successful in the program.
  • All candidates should respond to six application questions.
  • Applicants need to have prerequisite courses from accredited university or college. For applicants who earned BSN, they need to have at least three-semester hour or four-quarter hour statistics course. For candidates who earned diploma in nursing or ASN, they need to earned 78 accredited semester or at least 110 quarter hours. For applicants who earned BS or BA in discipline other than nursing, they need to have completed 11 hours of natural science, which include human anatomy, microbiology, statistics, developmental psychology and human physiology.

There you have the information you need to know about the nursing program. Be sure to visit their website to know more about the additional requirements and instructions you need to follow. And do not forget to submit everything on time no matter where you’re applying to Vanderbilt, Columbia University School of Nursing or any other one.

Begin your application to the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing today!

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