case western reserve university nursing application

Case Western Reserve University School of Nursing gives leadership in education, practice and innovative research in promoting health and reducing burden of such disease. They have the dedication in offering interdisciplinary scholarship and have the commitment to excellence in global and local communities.

About Case Western Reserve School of Nursing

  • The vision of the program is to nurture and create the best learning environment with a high standard in education, practice and research in world community. They will continue their history of global contributions and innovation.
  • The good thing about the nursing program is that it is recognized as leader internationally in research and education. They are changing lives through research and leadership. The program is home in offering acute nurse practitioner program, nursing practice doctorate and others.
  • The program has collaboration with students, communities, clinical agencies and faculty. When it comes to areas in training and research, it includes community care, symptoms science, self-management, aging, neuroscience and illness.
  • Case Western University is situated in the university circle, where their students have access to health care organizations.

Becoming a Great Student

The program is seeking for applicants on path to intellectual, professional and personal success. The program reviews every application carefully and they make sure that they consider student’s life experiences, interests and academic background. In meeting the academic requirements, it is not about meeting the required units because the program looks for applicants who become successful in challenging classes. Since each university is different, the program evaluate applicants transcript.

  • First year students: Case Western Reserve University nursing requires applicants to complete four years in English, three years in math, three years in science, three years in social studies and two years in foreign language.
  • Transfer students: The program requires applicants to complete four years in English, three years in math, three years in social studies, three years in science and two years in foreign language.
  • Interview tips: The interview is optional at the university, but there are many students who want to be interviewed because they want that the committee know more about them. Since the interviews are optional, their goal is to learn more about the applicant.
  • Ask questions: If you ask certain questions, it only means that you have interest on the program. With it, the program asks certain things that are essential to you like majors, residence life, financial aid, extracurricular interests and others.
  • Wear comfortable: In the interview day, you need to wear comfortable clothes. You do not need to wear 3-piece suit to impress the committee.
  • Arrive early: Be sure to give your time enough time to relax and you can do it by arriving early at the interview venue.

Piece of Advice from Expert

case western reserve university nursing application“If you want to become part of the nursing school and get PhD in nursing programs, you need to face the reality that it is competitive. You need to ensure that all pre-requisites are ready before you start to apply. Working hard is what you need to do to impress the committee and when it comes to grades, you should at least have 3.0 GPA. Grades are not the only thing you need to consider because you need to get medical experience” Lynda Lampert

In applying to any nursing program no matter if it’s Case Western Reserve or University of Virginia School of Nursing, you need to do everything you need. Make sure that you meet all the requirements, it is better to visit the website of the program to know the complete list of requirements and if you need to submit other documents. In applying, you need to be serious since the competition is completely competitive.

Start applying to the Western Reserve University School of Nursing today!

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