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duke university nursing program enrollDuke University School of Nursing is educating students to become the next generation leaders. The university offers PhD, doctor and master’s of nursing practice degrees. They also offer accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The mission of the program is to make center of excellence for advancement of the nursing science, education of clinical leaders and promotion of clinical scholarship. Through their nursing education, practice and research, faculty and students seek to enhance quality of life for individuals of all economic levels, geographic locations and cultures.

Duke University Nursing School Tips on Admission

  • Whether you are just entering nursing field or pursuing an advanced degree, the nursing school at Duke University can offer you unique and top ranked personalized education that will help you to be prepared for the future.
  • At nursing school of Duke University, it prepared students to be involved in active transformation of the knowledge to practice.
  • Cultural competency is integral part of what they teach. Numerous students want to participate in cultural immersion experiences in Latin America, Caribbean and Africa.
  • Faculty members conduct cross-disciplinary and in-depth research searching for great solutions in health care issue.
  • The program champion entrepreneurship and innovation in nursing practice, education and research.

In applying for the admission, applicants must need to complete the online application. They need to visit the site to know how they will apply to get application requirements and additional instructions on what they should do. All applications should be complete to be considered by admission committee. If you want to be notified, it is essential that you complete the inquiry request form.

Tips in Applying

In applying to the nursing program, you need to make sure that you take note of the documents you need to submit. Here are details you need to keep in mind so that you have a successful application.

  • Check the application deadline: If you want to become part of the nursing program of Duke University, you need to ensure that you know the application deadline. You need to know about the dates in submitting your application to be considered in the nursing online CRNA programs.
  • Application requirements: Depending on the degree you are applying, you need to check the application requirements. You will not have a hard time checking on the requirements because all you need to do is to visit the website of the program.
  • Complete inquiry request form: To be notified, it is important that you complete the inquiry request form. It is essential to help you to be updated.
  • Complete application form: You need to make sure that you complete your online application so that you will be considered by the admission committee. Your application form is essential for the committee that is why you need to do your best to complete it as early as possible.

Note: There are other details you need to know about the program and to be sure that you know it all, visit the nursing program site. You need to do it to be updated about the latest changes of the program.

There you have the details you need to know about Duke University nursing program. If you still need more details, you need to check out the nursing program. It is also required that you check out their site for additional instructions whether you’re applying to the Duke University or University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing. There are instances that there are changes on deadlines or requirements, which are why checking the program once in a while is needed. If you want to become part of the nursing program to get a valuable and awesome career, prepare early and submit stunning application documents.

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