An Overview of Nursing Specialties

The nursing profession is a novel one and attracts those who want to help others and like serving others. Have you ever heard any myths about nursing? A dedicated nurse can make a huge difference to the quality of life of a traumatized patient. Many people become nurses as they want to work in a specific field. There are nurses working in labor rooms, helping with the delivery of newborn babies or others are seen working with surgeons in the operating room. Thus, there are different and distinct fields where nurses can work. They can opt for different nursing careers and look for nursing specialization in certain fields. For those planning to become a nurse, it is essential to learn about the different nursing specialties before deciding what degree to pursue.

Nursing specialties

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Different Types of Nursing Careers

Simply saying that you want to become a nurse is a very general statement indeed, as nursing comes in a broad range of nursing specializations, and each carries its own set of challenges. When you are looking at the nursing career pathways, you will come across a vast number of specialization in nursing careers. There are nurses working as neuroscience nurse, ophthalmic nurse, pediatric nurse, psychiatric nurse, cardiac rehabilitation nurse, correctional nurse, AIDS care nurse, infection control nurse, transplant nurse, trauma nurse, school nurse, etc. These are just a few of nurse specializations, as there are many more, as the field of nursing gets vast and extensive.

The Most Popular Nursing Specialties

Every nurse is expected to have universal qualities of being sensitive, sympathetic, have patience, carry strong communication skills and be skilled in his or her job. Let us take a look at some of the nursing specialties in brief details.

Ambulatory Care NurseAmbulatory Care Nurse – These nurses look after the health needs of individuals and families. Their responsibility is to help the patients stay well and get independent as soon as possible. The Ambulatory Care Nurse helps to look after patients of all age groups.

Long Term Care NurseLong-Term Care Nurse – The long-term care is required in case of some patients with chronic ailments or mental disorders. The long-term care nurse has to maintain long-term relationships and their patients and families.

Orthopedic NurseOrthopedic Nurse – The nurse specialization relates to taking care of potential health problems pertaining to musculoskeletal function and help the patient with their management of self-care. The patients of Orthopedic nurses are recovering from diabetes, fractures, joint replacement and musculoskeletal injuries.

Trauma NurseTrauma Nurse – The nursing specializations involve responding to a wide variety of trauma fast and cater to the needs and severity of symptoms of the patient. The trauma nurse must respond with certainty and a clarity of decisions.

School NurseSchool Nurse – School nursing is a specialized practice among different nursing careers that relates to the life-long achievement of students and their academic success. School nurses promote health and encourage positive student responses to normal development.

Psychiatric NursePsychiatric Nurse – Theses nurse work on understanding the behavior and mentality of their patients. Psychiatric nurses look after both physical and mental health needs of their patient. Their patients can be both children and adolescents.

Perinatal NursePerinatal Nurse – A parental nurse looks after women, infants, and their families’ right from the start of pregnancy and right till when the baby is born. They monitor the status of mother and baby, teach the mother parenting skills, and helps her recover from childbirth.

Pediatric NursePediatric Nurse – The Pediatric nurse offers comprehensive care to children, adolescents, and their families. They work on health promotion and disease prevention and how thy respond to acute and chronic illness.

Correctional NurseCorrectional Nurse – The job of these nurses to look after the healthcare of inmates in correctional facilities and are seen working in jails, prisons, and juvenile offender homes. Correctional Nurse looks after a number of chronic health problems, mental illness, trauma and influenza, etc.

Infection Control NurseInfection Control Nurse – The Infection Control nurse specializes in classifying, controlling and preventing outbreaks of different infection in the community. Their job is to collect and analyze infection-control data, educate the population about infection risk, as well as prevention and control.

Nephrology NurseNephrology Nurse –These nurses deal with the care of patients and their families who are threatened with renal failure and the prevention of disease. Nephrology nurse makes efforts to preserve renal function, peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis or transplant.

Occupational Health NurseOccupational Health NurseOccupational health nurses work on the concepts of public health and how to keep the workers healthy. They providing direct nursing care and carry out environmental surveillance for health hazards. They promote health education and counsel employees regarding how to maintain good health.

Cardic Rehabilitation NurseCardiac Rehabilitation Nurse – The Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurses support patients with coronary heart disease and educate them on how  to make lifestyle changes to avert deteriorating of the disease. They monitor patients during their workouts so that they do not overexert or get injured.

Oncology NurseOncology Nurse – The Oncology nurses work with patients diagnosed of cancer in various settings. Their duty is to offer an empathic and caring approach to patients as their diagnosis and treatment are often life-threatening and painful.

AIDS Care NurseAIDS Care Nurse – The responsibility of these nurses is to help with their physical, psychological and social concerns. AIDS patients are often chronically ill and get ostracized from society. The AIDS Care nurse offer patient care and help improve their relationships, making a difference in their lives. Their patients can be both children, young and aging adults.

Transplant NurseTransplant Nurse – The Transplant nurses have to look after the living-donor patients and the recipient throughout the transplantation process. Their role is to offer aftercare and long-term follow-up after the transplant.

Domestic Violence NurseDomestic Violence Nurse – These nurses work especially with children, women; elderly who have dealt with domestic violence and keep their patients safe from any physical, emotional, and mental trauma. The domestic violence nurses need to keep the detailed records of medical charts and judicial system for the patients.

Diabetes NurseDiabetes Nurse – These nurses have been speculated to help patients with diabetes, and offer the relevant information that is useful for these patients and family members. They become strong advocates for diabetes awareness and educators.

The above just a few of the different types of nursing careers to pick from.

Which one of the nursing specialties is your dream job? Don’t wait up and make the first steps to the desired career!