If you feel like nursing in real life is far more different from nursing on TV, you got it right! What you would mostly watch on televisions are just myths about nursing. We can also provide you with some nursing guide for better understanding of all features of this profession.
myths about nursing

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Interesting Facts about Nursing

  • Nurses have superpowers: They have the ability to lift patients even twice their size.
  • Most men are into nursing: Nearly 10 percent of men in today’s RN workforce.
  • Home is where the nurse is: Nurses accompany their patients to doctor office visits and in keeping their medications straight.
  • Nurses flock to many areas: Nurses love unexpected roles, especially when they get assigned to different places.

Countries with Highest Salaries for Nurses

  • United Kingdom
    They can get up to the maximum of Dh444, 414.
  • The United States of America
    As of 2015, the average salary for a registered nurse is approximate $67,490.
  • Norway
    Monthly earnings of a nurse are estimated around NOK44, 900.
  • Canada
    The annual salary for a registered nurse in Canada as of January 2017 is C$59,783.
  • Australia
    In Australia, a registered nurse can earn AU6 1,000 a year.

TV Shows That Tell You Myths about Nursing

  • House (2004-2012) – The doctor does everything
    That’s why they are nurses; they help doctors and their patients.
  • Grey’s anatomy (2005 to present) – Nurses are incompetent with bad attitudes
    It shows how doctors are medical geniuses and nurses only follow orders.
  • Private Practice (2007-2013) – Nurses were receptionists
    Receptionists are receptionists and nurses are nurses in which they shouldn’t take the front desk.
  • Scrubs (2001-2010) – Nurses are intelligent, competent clinicians with spunk
    In this show, the nurse has no fear in challenging physicians. Uh, how? They have different professions

Statistics in Nursing


  • 9.1% of RNs are Men
  • 7.6% of LPNs are men


  • 0.6% are American Indians
  • 3.6% Asians
  • 7.5% are Hispanic
  • 23.6% are black Americans
  • 75.4% are white


  • 63% Hospitals
  • 7% nursing care facilities
  • 5% outpatient care centers
  • 4% home healthcare services
  • 3% all other settings

Nursing is a great and a much-respected profession so don’t let the myths or any other factor stop you from wanting to be a nurse though, it is, in fact, more fun to assist doctors, accompany patients and grow with the people around you in real life. Are you dreaming of a nursing career? Then, you must brace up and be prepared to take the chance!

Get help from RealNurseGuide.com to stay on the right track and avoid myths about nursing today!

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