RN ProgramsRegistered nursing program is a good program for nursing students. Becoming registered nurse help students to attain and get the education they need. There are lots of things they will learn from the program and when you like also to enroll from it, it is a nice course.

Requirements for RN Programs

There are some RN or PhD Nursing Degreef initial requirements for students and when you are interested to become registered nurses, you need to submit needed materials to become part of the program you want. Check this out!

  • At least earn a high school diploma
  • Meet grade point average of at least 2.5
  • Take high school classes in health science, first aid, biology and anatomy
  • Submit standardized test scores like ACT or SAT

Best Registered Nursing Programs

There are online RN programs aside from on campus classes and whatever you choose; you need to choose the right school for yourself. To be educated and be trained in all things you should do, read this carefully.

  1. University of Washington RN Program: According to US News and World Report, the university is the first rank each year since 1984. Students can able to pursue the nursing program they want. The Bachelor of Science offered by the school is preparing students in taking National Council Licensure Examination. If they want for leadership positions, they can able take Doctor of Nursing Practice Program. There are still many things that the school gives o students aside from excellent opportunities that help them for their future. Graduates will possess all needed skills, training and experience.
  2. Johns Hopkins University RN Program: The University is one of the RN schools offering RN programs. Since 1889, the school is training nurses to become professionals. The school is now offering doctoral and bachelor’s degree programs. They also offer accelerated RN programs. The doctor nursing program of the schools is preparing students for leadership positions while the Doctor of Philosophy program help students to pursue a scientific research career.
  3. University of Michigan RN Program: The University is one of the best in the world and they are offering a full range of programs when it comes to registered nurses which include Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Aside from this, the school is offering multiple doctoral and master’s programs. One more thing, the university is offering Certificate in Nursing Education.
  4. Columbia University RN Program: The University is offering doctoral program in clinical practice. The school is located in New York that enhances the skills of students and ensuring they will gain all the training and experiences they need to help their patients. Graduates will be expected to bring out their best and will help patients the time they graduate. They able to share the knowledge they gained and what they have learned to society and hospitals.
  5. Oregon Health and Science University RN Program: Oregon Health and Science University is the only school of health and research situated in Oregon. The curriculum of the school is comprehensive and they offer a full range of service to students with the help of the faculty of the school. The program is one of the leading programs offered by the university that educate students. If you want to become a registered nurse and looking for a nice way where you can achieve it, the institution is a big help for you.
  6. University of Colorado RN Program: The fact is that the university is the first nurse as well as nurse practitioner programs in the nation. Lots of medical terminology and information about nursing will be shared to students. The school ensures that students will gain unique experience for them to be educated and enjoy their stay in the institution. University of Colorado is one of the best schools in the nation and in the world, the RN program they train and educate students.
  7. University of Illinois: According to the record, the university placed sixth for National Institutes of Health nursing funding. The school is situated in Chicago, Illinois. Students will have the advantage to become part of the school and enjoy activities, resources and sports. Students are being offered with a wide variety of opportunities. The institution is progressive and with have strong clinical partnerships with Presence Covenant Medical Center, Carle Foundation Hospital and others.
  8. University of Maryland RN Program: The RN program of the university is the nation’s largest university and it is not a wonder why there are tons of students enrolling in the university because of their high reputation. All students are required to complete the requirements for their application to be reviewed. If you want to become a professional nurse, you can get what you want with the school.
  9. University of North Carolina RN Program: The RN program of the university is nationally recognized and one of the best nursing universities in the nation. They are offering tri fold mission of excellence in research, nursing education and practice. The program is offering a full complement of nursing education which includes BSN, RN, Post master’s program, MSN and doctoral program. Since 1950, the university has been a leader, especially on RN degree, nurse practitioner and others. If you finish the University of North Carolina, it will be really good to include it into your oncology nursing resume.
  10. University of Pittsburgh: The registered nursing program of the school is dedicated in giving students a strong educational foundation/ also, students will ne engage to evidence based practice as well as health sciences knowledge that will improve their ability. Students will possess thinking skills, ability in integrating latest research, clinical practice knowledge, great findings and patient care. For students who want to possess the needed skills they need and who want to increase their knowledge about medical care, patient care and research, choosing the school will benefit them a lot.

Taking up RN degree is nice because it helps students to know what are the best practices and procedure in the degree. There are still lots of information that will allow students to improve and enhance their ability. Get started today and enroll RN or LVN programs!

Learn more about the best RN programs and find the one for yourself!