PhD Nursing DegreeInstitutions Where One Can Pursue Their PhD Nursing Degree From

When one has undertaken a master’s degree and later a doctorate’s degree, the next step is surely to pursue a PhD degree. A PhD Nursing Degree is expected to increase the ranking of one’s job position and a graduate of the same is expected to be at the highest level in the health industry. The graduates are expected to be involved in the decision making of the health and medical facilities they are employed in. With the demand for nurses growing every day, so does the demand for the high level decision making personnel grow and the only way to fill those positions is for more nurses to purse these PhD programs. The job outlook for the PhD graduates is encouraging with the country trying to ensure that its population is healthy. There is need for professional nurses to come up with strategies to improve the health industry and the only people who possess the skills to make these policies are those who have graduated from the PhD programs.

The Requirements One Must Meet for Them to Be Admitted for the PhD Nursing Programs

Since this is a high magnitude study program, there are several requirements which are marked as mandatory if one is to be given an admission letter to pursue the PhD program in question. To start with the applicant is expected to submit the necessary transcripts proving that he/she has achieved an undergraduate degree with a grade point average of 3.2. Those with master’s programs, they will be required to submit their certificates certifying that they have indeed achieved a master’s degree with a Grade Point Average of 3.5. One is also expected to submit the results of the GRE test the applicant has taken within the last 5 years and the results should prove that the applicant has strong verbal skills and the applicant should be very proficient in English. The applicant will also be required to submit a statistics course and a research course. The next qualification is for the applicant to be a registered nurse and submit documented proof of at least one year of nursing practice experience. Besides, you may know more about MSN Degree or BSN Degree on our site.

Top Online PhD Nursing Programs Offered in the US

  1. Columbia University. This is one of the oldest universities in the US and with this age it comes with a lot of experience in offering top quality education to its students. The institution possess all the possible research resources that a PhD student might need and it is therefore among the best destination for any nurse wishing to add a nursing PhD to their collection of academic achievements.
  2. University of Pennsylvania. This institution is experienced in offering masters and doctoral nursing degrees and some of its alumnae have been successful people. The faculty members of the nursing school are all fully equipped and guarantee to ensure that they leave their students equipped with the relevant information just like them if not better.
  3. Duke University. Being a private research university, the management has invested in technology to ensure that their students, especially those pursing the demanding PhD programs, are able to conduct their in-depth research with ease. The PhD program was launched in 2006 and has since produced very qualified graduates.
  4. Washington University. This university has invested a lot in technology and the students are trained on how to use the current technology to their advantage to undertake research. The most impressive feature is, however, the fact the teacher to student ratio in this institution is 8:1 which ensures that each student gets to comprehend what their professors’ lecture on.
  5. University of California. Judging by the number of students that are enrolled every year into the nursing school of the university, one gets a picture that it is among the most popular nursing institutions in the state of California. Anyone in that state should therefore, enroll to the institution.
  6. Johns Hopkins University. To begin with the PhD in nursing programs offered by this institution, are offered in top notch quality. All the full-time faculty members possess a PhD in their areas of specialization and they guarantee to ensure that the students also become as skillful as they are.
  7. University of Colorado. The nursing college of the school offers its students an opportunity to access the wide variety of programs the institution offers. All the resources needed for a PhD program are made available by the institution’s management.

Choose Any of the above Nursing PHD Programs

With such an in-depth analysis of the available PhD programs there is no doubt that one is now fully knowledgeable on which program to enroll for. Choose any of them and apply for the offered PhD Nursing Degree and you will certainly be on your way to becoming one of the most educated nurses there is.

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