NP ProgramsBecoming a nurse practitioner is difficult because there are lots of duties and responsibilities. There are lots of sacrifices needed to do and when you are looking for nurse practitioner program; there are lots of factors that should be considered which include admissions criteria, tuition and location. In addition, you may find more information about CNM Programs or accredited CRNA programs by visiting our site.

Nurse Practitioner Programs Requirements

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses that have education and training beyond their bachelor’s degree. Even though requirements vary by state and by specialty, nurse practitioners needed to obtain master’s degree.

  • At least earned Master of Science in Nursing from accredited nursing program
  • Nurse practitioners should obtain license from state which they work
  • Currently licensed registered nurses

Note: Requirements vary from one school to another that is why it is needed to check the site of NP programs to know the complete list of essential requirements.

Best List of Nurse Practitioner Schools

  1. Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Program at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia: The best thing with the nurse practitioner program of the school is that they advance the minds of students with their highest level academics. Students will e offered with exceptional education and have unique experience. The school offers lots of programs aside from geriatric which include family nurse practitioner programs.
  2. Family Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program. Johns Hopkins University is offering lots of nurse practitioner programs. Aside from family primary care program, the school is offering adults, pediatric and family nurse practitioners. For master’s degree, the school is offering nurse practitioners in pediatric primary care and family primary care. There are lots of opportunities that are open to students the time they engage themselves to the program of the school. Students are expected to provide primary care which includes health promotion, to develop, evaluate and implement innovative healthcare programs, to identify, refer or treat for treatments regarding health problems and more.
  3. Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program: University of Michigan is offering adult nurse practitioner program. There are lots of things that students learn from the university. It prepares students in primary health management as well as to adolescent development. Students will learn to provide direct care for children and women. They will know how to promote healthy habits that will reduce the risk of disease and illness. Students also will learn the skills in order to participate in multidisciplinary collaborations, community education and research.
  4. Family Nurse Practitioner: If you want to study about family nurse practitioner, you can choose Columbia University. They also offer online NP programs and campus classes. The family nurse practitioner is created in preparing nurses to deliver a great primary healthcare to people in a wide variety of settings. Students follow their patients through life cycle that utilize obstetric, gynecologic, pediatric, geriatric primary care and adult primary care diagnostic as well as management skills. The approach of the program is based on team approach wherein one of the members of the team provides care through physical assessment, collaboration with physicians, coordination healthcare, documentation, diagnostic, education and therapeutic care plans.
  5. Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner: There are lots of online nurse practitioner programs offered by Duke University which include adult primary care nurse practitioner. The program includes 840 clinical hours and the school is offering excellent preparation for it. The program focuses on enhancing the skills and knowledge of students that is necessary in order to deliver nursing care to patients from adolescence to older. It also includes care of persons in underserved and rural areas. There are clinical rotations that will maximize the experience of students so that they soon to become part of active professional healthcare team.
  6. Family Primary Care Nurse Practitioner: The nurse practitioner program of Johns Hopkins University prepares student to complete an advanced care with theoretical background with clinical experiences in community based practice settings. With the resources and help of the faculty of the program, students will develop their skills especially in providing direct case, assessments as well as health maintenance promotion for the family. Students will also learn the best approach for patient care in context of family’s emotional, mental, socio-cultural and physical systems.
  7. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program: One of the schools offering nurse practitioner program in pediatric nurse in Oregon Health and Science University. The program is created in preparing registered nurses in delivering primary or acute care to children across institutional boundaries and practice settings. The main objective of the program is to give scaffolding and foundation for students to become competent, caring nurse practitioners, leaders and scholars. The program includes clinical and didactic courses that begin with foundational coursework and clinical applications.
  8. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: University of California is offering advanced clinical practice in caring children across illness and health continuum and across a wide variety of practice settings. Students can have expertise in primary care as well as chronic illness for infants, for children and for adolescents in clinic and community environments. The curriculum has clinical and classroom experiences that encompass health assessment, pathophysiology and physiology, family child, illness conditions and much more.
  9. Family Nurse Practitioner: The Family Nurse Practitioner of University of Maryland mission is to provide a wonderful patient care with the use of the expert knowledge of their staff and faculty. They ensure that students able to educate broad range of families, healthcare providers and patients. Students will develop their expertise in managing care for individuals and to diagnose acute and chronic disease.
  10. Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner: University of Michigan is offering the program that prepares nurses for evolving and current primary health care system. The program focuses on providing students with skills that is needed in delivering community based and cutting edge primary health care to families and individuals. The program place strong emphasis on health promotions and positive health behaviors.

For students looking for nurse practitioner programs, there are tons of programs on the web offered by outstanding schools around the world. If you want a higher education, start to choose the right program for you. If you have troubles with writing a project or any required document for applying to the chosen program, you can always get help from dialysis nurse resume writing service or nurse writing services.

Look through as many np programs as possible and think twice before choosing the one!