MSN DegreeEssential Help in Choosing Where to Study for Your MSN Degree

Before one decides whether or not they want to pursue a masters in Nursing, there are a number of details they need to consider. The first and most important factor to consider is the job outlook ofana MSN Degree or BSN Degree graduate. There is no need to pursue a degree program when the statistics show that there are not many job opportunities for the graduates of that particular degree. Since a graduate of the MSN program is expected to be more in the management of the health services than the actual delivery of the health services, the job opportunities of a graduate in MSN are expected to be in the management level of health and medical services. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics have projected that there will be a 23% increase in the employment of health and medical managers in the coming decade. The salary is also expected to rise within the same period of time. These statistics prove that indeed pursuing a MSN program will be a good investment to anyone passionate about the health industry. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about MAN Degree.

Admission Requirements for an MSN Degree

Since this is a master’s program, the first requirement is to have graduated and honored with a Bachelor’s degree in nursing with an upper division major in nursing from a program accredited by the CCNE or the NLNAC. One may have also achieved the equivalence of this such as an associate’s degree in nursing. The person in question must have scored cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a scale of 4.o for the courses relevant to the program one wants to pursue. The bachelor’s coursework must include a successful completion of the in descriptive statistics. The applicant will also be required to possess an accepted performance in the Graduate Record Examination. That is not all; the applicant will also be required to have at least a one-year nursing experience. The last requirement to note that one will also be required to be eligible for a license as a professional nurse in the state where the program is being offered.

Some of the MSN Degree Online Programs to Keep on the Checklist

  1. Georgetown University Online. The school of nursing and health studies offers various MSN programs such as online family nurse practitioner, nursing education, and the nurse women’s health practitioner all under the umbrella of MSN. The course can be completed in a period of between 17 to 24 months. It all depends on a number of classes one enrolls to in one semester.
  2. Vanderbilt University. The institution offers its program in a 39 hour-credit program which can be completed in a maximum period of two years if the student wishes to pursue the program on a part time basis. With the availability of not having to attend to any class lectures, the program is suitable for those already practicing nurses who wish to climb the ladder in their line of the profession to the management level.
  3. Benedictine University Online. The school of health offers six choices of the programs one may take all under the online MSN programs. The six are health policy, disaster management, health education, public health, leadership, and administration. These programs can be completed in 16 months at the earliest and 24 months being the maximum period of time one can take.
  4. Loyola University Online. The program offered by this institution shifts its focus mostly to the health care management systems where they offer education on how to manage health situations using the current technology.
  5. Gonzaga University Online. This program offers the students who enroll in the program the institution offers, the opportunity to choose either the nurse educator specialization or the health systems leadership area of specialization.
  6. Boston University Online. The specialization offered by this University program are a nurse practitioner, adult nurse practitioner, nursing administration, mental health nursing, nurse educator as well as other areas of specialization. It therefore, offers a wide variety of specialization areas.
  7. Drexel University Online. The program concentrates in inventions in the nursing industry. One can choose from the specialization areas such as clinical trials research, health systems management, nursing education among others which are made available by the college of nursing of this institution. The MSN nursing program is, therefore, a well dealt with the department by this institution.

Apply for Your Msn Program Today

There is no need for you to procrastinate again especially now that all the relevant information about whether or not to pursue an MSN degree has been made available by the above post. Simply choose the program of your choice and be on your way to achieving an MSN Degree and reaching your career goals.

The first step to getting the desired MSN degree is to choose the program. Go ahead and apply now!