MAN DegreeA Step by Step Procedure of Getting Yourself a MAN Degree

Most of the people in the profession world want to keep advancing their careers and studying more programs is one of the ways one is able to achieve this. Master’s programs are associated with an increased responsibility in the line of professional that program falls under and the nursing industry is no different. The nurses, who opt to purse master’s programs such as the MAN Degree or DNP Degree, will be increasing their chances of being promoted to the management levels. However, before one decides that one wants to pursue such a master’s degree, it is important to first understand what the job outlook looks like for the graduates of the program in question. With more and more health facilities being built the demand for managers and administrators in these health facilities is also rising. This assures the aspiring master’s degree graduates that there will be employment opportunities for them by the time they complete their degree programs. In addition, you may find more information about MSN Degree by visiting our site.

Required Qualifications for Admission to a Man Degree Program

There are those unique qualification requirements that each institution offering this program has, but there are also the standard requirements that each institution demands. Just like all the other master’s programs, this one too demands that the applicant be a bachelor’s degree in nursing graduate with an upper division honors. There may be some equivalent qualifications that may match this one and the applicant should consult with the institution one wishes to join to check what equivalent qualifications the institution accepts. The applicant must have scored at least accumulative GPA of 2.5. Since the applicant is required to have completed the bachelor’s degree, the applicant is also expected to be a registered nurse who is licensed to operate within the state which the institution one wishes to join is located. Criminal background checks are also mandatory as well as other blood tests. The applicant will also be required to show proof of past nursing experience of at least one year. After meeting all these qualifications, the student will now be required to fill and submit the application forms for review by the admission board before granted an admission letter.

Top Man Schools One Should Keep in Mind

  1. Vanderbilt University. It is a private liberal arts university and therefore choosing to study a master’s of arts in nursing from this university will be a good decision. With some of the alumnae of this institution going to become great successful people, one will be exposed to the same resources those people had.
  2. Capella University. With the institution’s school of health accredited by the CCNE, it is guaranteed that will get to graduate with a MAN which is credible. The institution offers a wide variety of specialization areas which one can choose based on one’s passion as well as proficient areas.
  3. Grand Canyon University. Its master’s programs are offered on an online platform which makes it easier for the applicants to continue with their normal work procedures and study at the same time. With a Christian background, it is among one of the best institutions to learn such a humanitarian profession since one is able to gain the much-needed passion in the nursing profession.
  4. Benedictine University. This is also a church based institution and specifically a Roman Catholic affiliate institution. By achieving a master’s degree from this institution, one is able to get an opportunity to receive a registration certificate from the Americans Nurses Credentialing Center which is a very helpful certificate in the nursing career.
  5. Saint Xavier University. The institution offers the students with the option of either pursuing the core programs or the specialty courses. Some of the notable specialty courses include administrative leadership, healthcare outcomes and advanced health and social policy.
  6. Ball State University. Based on the number of students who enroll for the programs offered by this institution, this is certainly a popular institution. The nursing department is one of the successful departments of the University and choosing this institution is very convenient or anyone.
  7. Kaplan University. Operated by the Kaplan Inc. the institution guarantees all its students access to the adequate nursing resources. Learn how to become a leading manager of the health industry from people who understand the management industry best.

Why You Need a Master of Arts in Nursing

A MAN Degree guarantees to open management doors to anyone who successfully finishes it. Unless you want to be a practicing nurse throughout your nursing career, you should enroll for this program in the institution of your choice and get to increase your competence levels as well as nursing skills for a better job position and pay.

Get one step closer to getting a MAN degree by choosing the perfect program!