LVN ProgramsLicensed vocational nursing programs are not much available online but there are schools that offering it for convenience. On the other hand, students should not worry because there are available online LVN or MNS programs offered by schools to help you.

Requirements for LVN Programs

To become accepted into LVN schools, students should make sure to complete all the application requirements needed required by the schools. To know some of the requirements that are important for your application, here is the list.

  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Prerequisite classes or courses
  • Health clearance
  • Level A TABE test

Note: It is important to keep in mind that PVN programs offered by different schools vary in asking for the requirements for students. Some of them require letter of recommendations while others not. With that in mind, it is important to check the program to fully be aware on the materials needed to submit.

LVN Programs Online List

  1. LVN Program of Carrington College: Carrington College has strong focus in providing health sciences as well as vocational nursing program. Students will be trained based on workforce and they are assured that they gain the ability they need that will change individuals’ life. In the program, students are expected to be self-directed and responsible so that they can able to fulfill what they want. The school is accredited by Commission for Community and Junior Colleges and Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
  2. Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts LVN Program: The LVN program of Gurnick Academy focus on nursing career that’s both complex and simple. The best thing is that it emphasis on homeostasis as well on problems faced by lots of patients. Students will also learn on some things like anatomical systems. In the program, students need to take part in the laboratory training and didactic lessons. It is also needed that students should complete their internship for them to apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned.
  3. Clovis Adult Education LVN Program: If you decided to choose Clovis Adult Education, you can have their LVN program. It gives you the chance to enhance your skills and knowledge that is required in the field you choose. The program is focused on the excellent standards that are expected for healthcare professionals. On the other hand, the school strongly recommends students that they should move to Fresno College to complete the LVN program which they allowed also to study on becoming registered nurses. The minimum time commitment needed is thirteen months and some of the degree requirements that should e submitted are prerequisite classes, personal interview, level A TABE test and two letters of recommendation.
  4. Merritt College LVN Program: At the school, there are lots of options for vocational nursing. The LVN programs are designed for students to become intelligent and compassionate for their patients. They will help students to know on how they can able to prevent disease and how to help in rehabilitation of sick. Their students are expected to make contributions to the society and living the principles of health and nursing. It is accredited by Western Association of Schools of Colleges and the time of commitment varies on the chosen pathway. Some of the requirements needed to submit are health clearance, prerequisite courses and high school diploma or its equivalent.
  5. Austin Community College LVN Program: The school is offering 4 semester LVN programs online and students will be engage to interactive video classroom and students will take courses in pharmacology, medical terminology, advanced nursing skills, basic nursing skills, disease prevention & control and foundations of nursing. Students will be prepared in taking the exam.
  6. Blinn College LVN Program: The College is located in Brenham and it offers vocational nursing program that can be completed for one year. When it comes to curriculum, it includes lab studies, classroom lectures as well as clinical practice in numerous medical sites. If students complete the training, they have the chance to take NCLEX-PN and the NJE or Nursing Jurisprudence Examination.
  7. Central Texas College LVN Program: The licensed vocational nursing program of the school is a 12 month program and it is being offered in fall and spring. The LVN program includes supervised clinical rotations and blended curriculum. Some of the topics include mental health, gerontology, neonatal nursing, and pharmacology, advanced nursing skills, basic nursing skills, nutrition and pediatrics.
  8. Del Mar College LVN Program: The College is offering 3 semesters for licensed vocational nursing education program. Some of the courses include health assessment across mental health, lifespan, medical terminology, pharmacology, foundations for nursing practice and professional development. Students need to complete clinical rotations every semester. There is a capstone course in their final semester that will help them to be prepared for the NCLEX-PN examination.
  9. El Paso Community College LVN Program: The College is located in El Paso and they are offering a vocational nursing program requiring students to complete it for two semesters with summer semester. Student’s curriculum includes field experience, clinical education and classroom studies. Through clinical rotations and coursework, students will learn on numerous areas of nursing like maternal, mental health, women’s health and pediatrics.
  10. Houston Community College LVN Program: The University is offering a full time licensed vocational nursing program that can be completed in 1 year. Before students can become part of the school, they need to complete the prerequisite courses in physiology, anatomy and nutrition. The time they are accepted in the program, students can attend survival camp program as well as the student services orientation. Students are allowed to participate in the clinical rotations in numerous areas of nursing.

Licensed vocational nursing program or also known as LVN program allows students to be skilled, trained and knowledgeable on concepts, aspects and elements they should know. Enrolling in the program gives opportunity to students to know more about medical care. If you want to study now, you need to choose the program and school you want to enter and submit all the required documents. Moreover, you may learn more about DNP Degree on our site.

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