LPN ProgramsLicensed Practical Nurse closely works with patients in providing them the medical care they need in different healthcare settings. The LPN training can be completed in one year. As licensed practical nurse, a person can have decent income, excellent benefits, immediate employment and others. A degree program in LPN can be a stepping stone for students to have a higher education and opportunities.

Requirements for LPN Programs Online

Lots of persons are looking for online LPN or LVN programs and if you are one of them, there are requirements that you need to know. You cannot complete a certain program if you do not know what requirements you need to submit.

  • High school diploma or GED: Before you apply to LPN schools, you need to completed high school education and get a diploma. GED is also acceptable as a proof for high school completion.
  • Minimum GPA: It is not enough to have high school diploma or GED because GPA is needed. Students should meet the minimum GPA of at least 2.5 but because of the highly competitive nature in getting into program, a higher GPA is better.
  • Standardized testing: For lots of programs. Minimum score of nineteen is required.
  • Pre-requisite course work: Lots of licensed practical nursing programs require students to take prerequisite classes which include medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and biology.
  • Test scores

Note: There are still other important requirements that student should submit. Since the presented materials are only some of the general requirements, it is essential for students to visit the website of the program to know the complete list. If you have with it some difficulties you can always visit one of theĀ recommended geriatric nurse resume writing services here.

Best LPN Programs Online

For students looking for the best LPN programs online so that they do not need to attend classes on campus, then this page will present the list they need. The page presented school, universities and institutions for students not to have a hard time in choosing.

  1. Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences: The school is offering LPN degree allowing students to be educated and be skilled and all things they need to know. It is important that requirements should be completed for students to be admitted in the university.
  2. College of Southern Maryland LPN Program: The good thing with the program of the school is that they are offering lots of nursing fundamentals that will help students. There are also nineteen video lectures that are available and when it comes to course topics, it includes dressing changes, sterile gloving, parental medication and tube insertion.
  3. Des Moines University LPN Program: There are lots of things that students will know about the LPN program of the university. Students will learn on some medical terminology which is important in their profession. Students will learn about human anatomy terminology and other things. If you want to have the best for yourself, then choosing the university will help you a lot.
  4. Johns Hopkins University LPN Program: It is hard to study LPN but if you really want it, you can choose Johns Hopkins University. It is one of the leading schools to choose from that will educate and help you a lot. Some of the topics that will learn by students will be focus on obesity, malnutrition, lipids and others. Students also will be engage to seminars and lectures for them to fully educated and enhance their skills.
  5. Lincoln and Community College LPN Program: One of the universities that offering LPN program is Lincoln and Community College. With the school, students will get what they want. When it comes to the LPN program of the school, students will learn about medical care and what treatment to provide to patients. There are also experienced faculties that will help to the development of students.
  6. University of Michigan LPN Program: The University of Michigan is offering free class that is designed for medical professionals that will improve the skills of students on providing emergency care to their patients. Some of the course also includes didactic educational materials. There will be reviewed that is available, lectures and seminars as well. The curriculum of the university is rigorous and comprehensive that helps students to know their focus and to know more about their specialization.
  7. Villanova University LPN Program: There are lots of things that students will learn from Villanova University. The fact is that the school is one of the leading when it comes to offering LPN programs. If you want the bets for yourself, help you to enhance your skills and be engage with clinical practice settings, you can choose the LPN programs of the university. The program will provide the clinical experience that students should know for them to become good leaders and practitioner the time they will graduate.
  8. Southeast Community College LPN Program: The school is located in Nebraska and it offers LPN degree program in twenty locations in the state. Students will have the chance to learn and assess health status of patients, provide safe care, prepare physical as well as psychological health plans. The good news is that it is accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
  9. Chemeketa Community College LPN Program: The University is situated in Salem, Oregon and they are offering students a practical nursing certificate program which required 50 credits. When it comes to the curriculum of the university, it includes teaching a holistic style of nursing for families care and individuals care which include methods for decision making at LPN level with compliance with ethical standards and current legal.
  10. Virginia College LPN Program: Virginia University is included in the list in offering excellent LPN program for students. In the program, students will learn about the practice and procedure that is needed in the field.

Studying LPN degree program is a nice choice because it provides the needed information for students. There are many things that will enlighten them on practices and procedures. The program helps students on the essential information they should know that deals with healthcare.

Which of the LPNĀ programs is the one for you? Learn more about them and apply right away!