EdD Nursing DegreeEdD Nursing Degree: The Newest Nursing Program

The doctorate of education is the newest nursing program that has been introduced to the nursing fraternity and it has already received some relatively good feedback. This is a program which has been developed to provide those who pursue it with the relevant skills to pursue leadership and management positions in schools, colleges as well as other government organizations that deal with education matters. This is no doubt a very open area which guarantees to employ a lot of people who possess the required skills. There is an increased demand for skilled personnel to manage the government health institutions as well as other nursing schools and therefore those who pursue the EdD Nursing Degree program will be guaranteed an opportunity to be among the first beneficiaries of this newly developed program. Although those who pursue this program can continue to practice nursing, it is more profitable for someone to pursue the administration, leadership, research and education policy making areas of specialization since they are the areas with more untapped opportunities.

Required Qualifications for One to Pursue an EdD Nursing Degree

This is a very highly ranked degree and one will be required to have achieved a master’s degree in nursing for them to proceed with the application of this degree program. This is because this program is more of a doctoral program and there is no way one can pursue a doctoral program without first achieving a master’s degree. Therefore, the applicants will be required to show proof of their master’s certification and this will also include them to provide some nursing projects or nursing capstone paper and the institution with all the achieved academic qualifications including the bachelor’s degree certification. The other requirement is that the applicants are supposed to be registered nurses with an experience in the nursing experience of not less than one year. Moreover, you may learn more about MAN Degree on our site.

Doctoral Nursing Programs to Put on One’s Watch List

  1. Grand Canyon University. This institution has been successful in providing the society with skilled nursing experts and the new program is no different. The institution concentrates on offering the applicants of this program with adequate information on the organizational leadership and management of educational institutions.
  2. Northcentral University. This institution offers its doctoral degree programs on an online platform. Its programs focus mostly in ESL, leadership, educational technology and schools management. These are exactly the skills which are currently in high demand.
  3. Concordia University. This institution is dedicated to ensuring that the students who choose to further their nursing education in this institution get access to the best resources they could ever get. It offers its applicants the opportunity to choose from two Ed.D options; an Ed.D in higher education or an Ed.D in transformational leadership. These two specialties guarantee to offer the students with an opportunity to gain the much-needed leadership and management skills.
  4. Capella University. This institution offers its students with a wide variety of EdD nursing education programs to choose from. Some of the programs one can choose include adult education, curriculum, and instruction, reading and literacy, educational leadership and management among other areas of specialization.
  5. Indiana Wesleyan University. Leadership skills are among the most demanded skills in any professional in the modern world and this institution acknowledges this and that is why it is offering this program. The applicants will be able to pursue an Ed.D in organizational leadership.
  6. University of Phoenix. The programs are offered on the multiple campus locations. Some of the offered programs include educational leadership, educational leadership in curriculum and instruction, educational leadership in educational technology and philosophy in higher education.
  7. University of St. Thomas. The institution offers an Ed.D in leadership and management. These doctoral nursing programs guarantee to open new management doors to those who will take this opportunity and study the program fast and since it does not take long one is bound to start enjoying the fruits within a short period of time.

Investing in the Edd in Nursing Degree

The opportunities are already there and the only thing on has to do is to enroll for this degree program. The above information on some of the available programs in the US even makes the decision process much easier. Why don’t you apply for the EdD Nursing Degree or PhD Nursing Degree and increase your chances of being a leader at some health institution or even a government health facility where you will be the one in charge of the decision making process.

Find the perfect EdD nursing program for yourself and apply straight away!