DNP DegreeAnalyzing the DNP Degree

It has been always argued that there is no possible end to the learning cycle. One usually has the opportunity to add more and more academic qualifications by enrolling for more programs. Enrolling for a DNP Degree is one such example. There are those who wish to further their education just so they can add to their knowledge and there are those who do it to get job promotions and better pay. If your choice is the latter option, you will first need to understand the job outlook for the DNP graduates. With this degree, the person in question is expected to be at the top level of the nursing career and some of the job opportunities that one may land include head of the nursing research team in a medical facility, overall nurse manager, as well as other highly positioned posts. These high positions come with better remuneration and based on the reports by research institutions and the labor bureau, such positions are expected to increase within the next ten years.

Required Qualifications for a DNP Degree Admission

The applicant is expected to have successfully completed their bachelor of science in nursing from a nursing school accredited by the CCNE or NLN. It is not only graduating with a bachelor’s degree, but graduating with a second class upper division honors. About the average points, the applicant is expected to have scored at least a GPA of 3.0. However, it is important to note that the GRE requirement is waved if the applicant cumulative GPA is 3.4 and those who score below 3.4 are expected to undertake the GRE test. Since being a bachelor’s graduate is one of the fundamental requirements, the applicant will also be expected to be a registered nurse and possess the nursing license of the state the institution is situated in. This license is expected to be accompanied by a one-year nursing experience at minimum for one to stand a chance of being admitted to purse the program in question. The other requirements are the filling of the applications forms as well as attaching resumes and personal statements for review by the admission boards. Besides, you may know more about MAN Degree on our site. Also you can ask a help for yours nursing capstone project.

Some of the Finest DNP Programs to Pursue

  1. University of Alabama at Birmingham. The degree program by this institution focuses on the equipping the students with life-long nursing skills at the highest level in specialty nursing practices or for the available leadership and management positions in the health industry. This program focuses on three pillars; practice enquiry, clinical specialty practice and leadership.
  2. Arizona State University. This program offers its students with the actual working experience that they will go through once in the job market by providing them with a platform to link up with the professionals in the fields in question. It also ensures that the graduates are able to implement the research findings to solve current health issues. The program also offers a wide variety of specialization areas which the applicant can choose based on their proficiency areas, as well as passions.
  3. University of Arkansas. This program has a detailed focus into the clinical practice. With the program being offered on an online platform the applicant is able to continue with their daily nursing activities and at the same time study for the doctorate program without having to stress themselves or drop one at the expense of the other.
  4. Brandman University. The DNP offered by this program is accredited by the CCNE which makes it easier and possible for the graduates of this program eligible for a NNC certification. The institution focuses on providing its students with adequate information about the technological advancements and how to use those advancements to help change the health industry.
  5. University of San Francisco. This was the first private University to offer the nursing programs and it has since grown to be a popular institution in the state. The institution equips its students with essential nursing skills, management, and leadership skills, as well as how to link up with the other personnel they will be working with a key virtue for one to succeed in the medical fraternity.
  6. University of Saint Joseph. The nurses who choose to further their studies through this institution will be provided with an opportunity to increase their advanced nursing practice skills, ethical responsibility and sensitivity, inter-professional collaborative skills, as well as organizational and leadership skills.
  7. Samford University. This programs guarantees to offer the nurses an opportunity to gain the relevant nursing skills capable of putting them at a better opportunity to be at the highest levels of the nursing careers either in the nursing practice or in the administration and leadership levels. This is why this institution is in the list of some of the best DNP schools.

Why You Should Go for the DNP Programs Online

By choosing the online programs one gets the opportunity to keep working and also start learning since the online programs do not require one to attend class lectures. Why don’t you enroll today for the DNP degree or MSN Degree and grow your career to greater heights.

Look through as many DNP programs as possible and find the one that suits you the most!