CNM ProgramsCertified Nurse Midwife provides full range of healthcare services which include family planning services, gynecological checkups, postpartum and prenatal care. The duties of nurse midwife are not only limited to pregnancies because nurse midwives also prescribe control medications and they are responsible for performing physical exams. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about accredited CRNA programs.

Requirements for Certified Nurse Midwife Programs

In order to become part of certified nurse programs, of course there are requirements that needed to be submitted. Depending on the school you choose, there are specific materials to submit but for general requirements, here is the list.

  • Bachelors degree
  • Pass the national licensing examination
  • At least has two years of midwifery experience
  • Completed American College of Nurse Midwives Council
  • Transcript of record
  • Cumulative grade point average at least 3.0
  • Current registered nurse license
  • Letters of recommendation

Note: Some of the listed requirements are not available for some other schools. For complete information, visiting the website of the school is required. Check the website program for complete list of documents to be submitted. If their requirements are too complicated to follow, you can get the expert help from the best midwife nurse resume writing services!

Best Certified Nurse Midwife Schools

  1. Nurse Midwifery Program of Frontier Nursing University: Frontier University has a long history of nurse midwifery program since 1925. They are also offering distance education which include clinical in home community as well as two residency session requirements. In addition, the school is offering Masters of Nursing Science Program. If you want to have a wide access on nurse midwifery, then choosing the school will helps you a lot since it is one of the leading and best schools in the world.
  2. Philadelphia University’s Nurse Midwifery Program: The University is offering CNM nursing program with distance learning manner both part time and full time. The school is also offering Post Master’s Certificate and the curriculum has 4 classes. They have the pride in offering the best to their students with encouragement and support. The program is committed to the development of students and helps them to provide a distinctive care for families and women. The faculty ensures that students will have the training, the practice and experience they need.
  3. Nurse Midwifery at Bethel University: It is offering full time nurse midwifery for completion within two years. There are 3-day sessions for residency which are needed for the program. The Nurse Midwifery program is rigorous and every term, students will automatically be registered for their courses. Students also have the chance to earn Master of Science. In fact, the program pre-acknowledged by the well-known Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education.
  4. Stony Brook’s Nurse Midwifery: The nurse midwifery program of the school is offering distance education that gives on-site requirements. The program is created for graduates to know what their job is and what they should do. With them, they are helping students to know what healthcare is needed and they are guiding students to function as leader, educator, consultant and much more. Students are expected to integrate clinical prevention, incorporate knowledge from related science, able to translate relevant research, demonstrate leadership skills, integrate emerging technologies, demonstrate cultural competencies, and demonstrate professional engagement and more.
  5. Nurse Midwifery Program of George Washington University: The program of the school is one of the best. It is an accredited school that transforms student for the better. The program is preparing students to become eligible for national certification exam that will be given by American Midwifery Certification Board. If you want to help families and other individuals, you need to learn everything from basic to advance, and then the school will help you. The program they have is one of the best and students are assured to be educated they way they want it.
  6. California State University Nurse Midwifery Program: The program is committed in providing a high quality of education. They are striving for the betterment of students that will increase their skills. The program is accessible for anyone and they are preparing students to become competent with the framework of professional and scientific accountability. The program ensures that students will get the necessary foundation for specialization and further education. They ensure to maintain and establish innovative education in promoting health and social imperatives.
  7. Nurse Midwifery of University of Colorado: It is one of the certified nurse midwife schools to choose from because they have long history and have a rich tradition in education students. The program helps students to learn everything they need so that they can able to boost their knowledge and apply the needed treatment. In the program, there are lots of resources that you will know. Aside from trainings and seminars, they are practical exercises.
  8. Nurse Midwifery at Yale University: The program is preparing students through educational programs instead of apprenticeship program. Students will learn a highly skilled profession, students will learn about the advancements of clinical trials and many more. If you want the best for yourself, the nurse midwifery program of the school is a nice choice because it helps you.
  9. Nurse Midwifery Program of University of Florida: The program is offering excellence both internationally and nationally. They are offering dynamic programs and innovative education. The programs help students to know about the creative approaches when it comes to practice and they have the commitment to prepare students for leadership as scientists, educators and clinicians that reflect for interdisciplinary collaboration and improve health of families, communities and individuals.
  10. Nurse Midwifery Emory University: They have an approach that is comprehensive that surely helps you to become professional in the field of nursing midwifery. They will prepare you for the exam and ensure that you will able have a good future and better career.

There are lots of schools that offer nurse midwifery or CNA programs and it is required to carefully research. If you want the best education for yourself, you need to choose the perfect program that will help you. While you have ample of time, you need to get started applying and enrolling now!

The best certified nurse midwife programs are within your arm’s reach so don’t waste your time amd apply today!