CNA ProgramsCertified nursing assistant is working under the supervision of physicians or registered nurses in providing routing personal as well as healthcare assistance to sick. Becoming CNA requires successful completion of the nursing assistant program. Some of the CNA training programs include psychology, nutrition, and physiology and infection control. Moreover, you may learn more about RN Programs on our site.

Requirements for CNA Programs

Here, you can able to find the basic CNA certification program requirements that you need to fulfill in starting any training program in technical school, university or college.

Basic Requirements:

  • GED or high school diploma
  • GED transcripts or high school transcript
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Placement exams
  • Admission fee or admission application( if applicable)
  • Consultation or orientation
  • Payment of tuition and registration

Core Educational Requirements:

  • Fine arts
  • College level algebra or mathematics
  • Behavioral science
  • Communications
  • Foreign language
  • English composition

Healthcare Program Requirements:

  • CPR training
  • Criminal background check
  • Submission of pre entrance health form
  • Payment of tuition
  • Health applicant counseling

CNA Nursing Programs List

  1. Ultimate Medical Academy CNA Program: The CNA program of the university is preparing students to become a great healthcare professional. Students will interact with patients and office personal. They make sure that you will have the best match for you. There are also online courses that are available in the school. The financial aid staff, the tutors and instructors will help students to be motivated and engaged.
  2. Indiana State University CNA Program: The program includes sixty hours of classroom instruction and for clinical experiences; it includes seventy five to eighty hours. The course includes overview about process, aging, verbal communication, nonverbal communication, basic nursing, personal care procedures and more. The program is offered off campus locations because it is one of the CNA programs online. The certified nursing assistant program is being offered through contracted vendor wherein it is offered in day and evening classes.
  3. Kaplan University CNA Program: The certified nursing assistant program of the Kaplan University is one of the CNA nursing programs in the world. The nursing assistant course of the school provides hands on training, administrative and clinical course instruction, assistance with job placement as well as preparation assistance for exams. The program helps students to be prepared for the exam that is required for employment. For students who complete the program, able to receive a certificate from Kaplan.
  4. Woodruff College CNA Program: The certified nursing assistant has one month certification training program. Becoming part of the program allow students to work with supervision of nurses that will help them to provide essential care to patients which include daily living tasks and assisting with hygiene. If you are seeking for both professionally and personally that will help others, then certified nursing assistant is a great opportunity for you. The curriculum consists of hands on training and traditional classroom lectures. Students will learn about the basic medical terminology and how they can able to prepare materials for patient recovery.
  5. Harper College CNA Program: The certified nursing assistant curriculum of the program includes hands on training and classroom lectures. Students will work under supervision of nurses so that they able to provide basic bedside care like bathing, dressing and eating. There are still lots of medical care course content that will be given to students for them to know more aside from basic nursing skills.
  6. Madison College CNA Program: The CNA program of the school is a three credits and 120 hour program. It is being offered in summer, spring and fall semesters. There are varieties of course schedules an when it comes to the program, it prepares you for employment. Aside from this, students will learn about basic nursing, personal care skills, communication skills, care of clients and their rights. The Department of Health Services recognized the program. After students completed the program, they will be eligible for certification testing which is required for employment in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, care of developmentally disabled and home health agencies.
  7. MTI of North Georgia CNA Program: Lots of team of healthcare professionals helps students and they are dedicated in working closely with each student in ensuring that each of them is prepared for the national and state certification exams. Also, they will have the chance to work as allied health professional in the community. The program is based of instruction in assuring students will have a high quality of patient care education. If you want to work with professionals that will provide all things you need regarding nursing assistant, the school is a nice choice.
  8. Southwestern College CNA Program: The CNA program is designed for students who are interested in nursing. Completing the program is recommended. CNAs of the school are employed by nursing facilities, hospitals and other agencies for health care. When it comes to course content, it includes gathering of patient’s data, fundamental procedures in meeting the needs of patients, communicating appropriately and other information required by the State regulations. Students will still know more information about patient care, health care and medical care. Graduates can work professionals by completing the program which means they do not need to worry because the program and the school help them to become professionals.
  9. Mira Costa College CNA Program: The certified nursing assistant program of the school was established since 1987. There are hundreds of students who completed the study and they qualified for certificates from California Department of Public Health. Graduates of the program can able to find entry level employment in long term care and acute care facilities, in clinics and home care. If you want to increase your career potential, they can enroll registered nursing or licensed vocational nursing programs.
  10. Johnson County Community College: The program is state mandated and there are clinical experiences to be provided. Clinical time is mandatory and if students would always be absent, they would be dropped.

There you have the best schools that offer certified nursing assistant or LVN programs. They are good choices that will educate students so that they can able to reach their full potential to become an excellent nursing assistant that will work under supervision of nurses. If you are eager to become a nursing assistant to help patients, get started now!

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