CCRN Certification

Critical Care Registered Nurse involves an exam in Pediatric, Cardiac or Adult nursing. For CCRN exam, it is available for nurse who works at bedside of critically or acutely ill patients regardless of setting which includes areas like CCU, ICU, interventional radiology, critical care transport, emergency department, and trauma unit. Moreover, you may learn more about RN Programs on our site.

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CCRN Programs Initial Requirements

  • Current unencumbered licensure as APRN or RN in US is required.
  • Must meet clinical practice requirement
  • Must meet clinical practice hours which include spent caring for single patient population like adult, neonatal or pediatric matching the exam for which students are applying, spent supervising nurses and completed Canada or US based facility
  • Professional associate either colleague or clinical supervisor with whom students work

CCRN Programs List

  1. Mount Royal University: In order to pass CCRN exam, you can take CCRN program offered by the university. There is certificate program consisting of 4 courses and clinical practicum that will prepare nurses in caring for critically ill patients in wide variety of areas like cardiovascular or multisystem intensive care unit. They also offer emergency nursing consisting of four theory courses that will prepare students in caring for patients to emergency department. If you want to advance your education, students can continue it to advanced critical care nursing courses.
  2. British Columbia Institute Technology: If you are seeking for employment or to know more about nursing specialties, you can enroll at British Columbia Institute Technology. The critical care registered nurses of the school will help you to be educated. The program combines practice based and part time distance clinical education. The curriculum is focus on technology of nursing practice. The faculty members are professional and experienced wherein they demonstrate commitment to their profession. Some of the competence that student will learn will be focus on participation in collaborative relationships, development of critical thinking skills, development of written and verbal skills, engagement in professional and personal growth and others. If you think that applying procees to this programm is to hard to follow, you can the help of critical care nurse resume writing service.
  3. Winnipeg College: The Critical Care Program of the university is available for students who want a higher education. With them, you can able to learn while you are earning. If you want to study, then the school and the program is a good choice for you. Students will be updated on technology and methods of treating ill patients in intermediate, surgical, medical, pediatric and neonatal intensive care units. The program gives chance to students to choose the newest equipment. Students will learn about the theories, concepts and practices in lab setting as well as to in depth assessment. Students will gain critical thinking skills that will enable them to provide a high quality care to ill patients.
  4. New Brunswick University: The critical care nursing program of the university is offered in collaboration with New Brunswick University. They have standardized critical care certificate program that is based on standards from National Emergency Nurses Affiliation, Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses and Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses. The program includes practice and theory and it is being delivered by distance which include live or audio virtual sessions, preceptorship and clinical. The program is offering learning in emergency care and critical care environment.
  5. Saskatchewan Polytechnic: The critical care nursing program of the school is offering students a high quality of education. Students will integrate details about critical care and the program begins by introducing students to what is really critical care. They will have the opportunity in exploring concepts such as infection control, patient-family centered, working with professional team and much more. Professors will provide students review on physiology and anatomy, know more about examining management of every body system, combine learning that will focus on multi system dysfunction and to explore the impact of critical care.
  6. University of Windsor: The CCRN program of the university offer lots of opportunities for students to gain valuable and hands on training that will ensure that they will receive a well rounded education both in real world and academic theory application. The program offer clinical experience, hands on learning with simulation experience, clinical practice opportunities, clinical skills opportunities and opportunity in living to the campus of the school.
  7. George Brown: The critical care nursing program of the university is an 8 month online postgraduate certificate that prepared registered nurses in providing a competent care for ill patients and to their families. Students will learn about clinical and theory courses encompass on level one, two and three. The university is striving in order to improve the program and the education of students. Graduates will able to know all the concepts and terms regarding critical care nursing program.
  8. Durham College: There are lots of reasons why you need to choose the university when it comes to their critical care nursing program. The schools helps you in passing CCRN test and you will work with internationally recognized faculty, have curriculum that will meet the critical care standard, chance in learning your own pace, lifelong learning, solid foundation in new critical care and affordable critical care education.
  9. Georgian College: For students who want to enroll at CCRN program of the university, they should submit diploma and current registration (RN). The courses are open to students whether they are enrolled in certificate program or they are not. Prerequisite should be met by students to qualify and it should be submitted before the deadline because incomplete application will not be accepted. .
  10. Conestoga College: The program provides a theoretical basis for body systems as well as to clinical components. Some of the topics covered include endocrinology, hormones, immunology, blood components and more. The program offered by the school is one of the best choices for you because it educated their students.

For nursing students who wants more and looking for more for their career and future, enrolling critical care nursing or CNA program is a nice idea but students should pass all the requirements for them to qualify. If you want to study, then you need to choose and enroll today!

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