BSN DegreeGetting the Basics before Applying for a BSN Degree

Every government invests in the health industry since a working and productive nation first needs to be healthy. Due to the ever rising cases of new health situations and the need for enough nursing personnel to handle the growing number of the seniors needing to be personalized home care, there is a great demand for the people who possess nursing skills. It is expected that the growth of nurses being employed is expected to rapidly grow in the coming decade faster than the average growth rate of all the other professions. Such facts confirm that this is certainly one area where anyone with the passion of helping the society can invest in. The BSN Degree is therefore, one nursing degree worth pursuing. There is no way the society will ever stop needing healthcare services because there are always new diseases being discovered and the already existing ones intensifying even more.

Admission Requirements for the BSN Degree

The first step to enrolling for any type of university degree program is by first graduating from high school and the BSN program is no different. Anyone wishing to enroll for a BSN program will therefore be required to have graduated from high school or have achieved the equivalence of a high school graduation certificate. An aspiring student will also be required to complete 30 hours of college course work of which 25 hours will be on the prerequisite courses. These hours should be completed by the end of the spring semester of the year which the aspiring nurse wishes to enroll for the program in question. One will not only be required to complete those 35 hours but also score a minimum of C+ in all the prerequisite courses. There are some cases when the aspiring nurse is required to complete a nursing assistant program before being accepted into the BSN program. Moreover, you may learn more about Associates Degree in Nursing on our site.

A List of Some of the Best BSN Schools

  1. University of Massachusetts. Located in Amherst, this institution is arguably among the most experienced public research institution. It offers to provide all aspiring nurses an opportunity to learn online without having to attend to class lectures. Because of its reputation as a leading research institution, those who choose to attend this institution will have the opportunity to access all the resources at this institution’s disposal.
  2. Jacksonville University. This institution surely deserves to be in the list of the best BSN nursing schools. The school is a respected research institution being ranked at number of 62 in the US. Its online nursing programs have been accredited by CCNE. The institution guarantees to mold those who pursue their nursing careers in the institution a successful study period.
  3. Western Governors University. This institution has invested in online degree programs. It is because of the great investments it has done in the online programs that it is classified and included in the list of institutions with adequate resources for the online nursing programs.
  4. University of Wyoming. This is a vast institution offering over 180 programs. Although it offers very many programs, it still manages to provide its nursing students with a unique experience of gaining the relevant nursing skills to meet the every dynamic health needs.
  5. Drexel University. The degree in nursing offered by this University’s health department is not only of high quality, but also comes with certain privileges. Some of the privileges enjoyed are that the employees of the health partners of this institution receive sponsorships which make it easier for them to afford the tuition fees.
  6. Kent State University. Everyone wants to study in an institution with world class research facilities and this institution is one of them. The university’s alumnae are enough proof of how successful one can be by just choosing the right institution to pursue one’s nursing needs.
  7. Grand Canyon University. This is an old institution which run by a church which ensures that the students are not only equipped with nursing skills but also with life experiences which are very helpful especially in the nursing fraternity since this is a very delicate area which needs total devotion by those who choose to pursue and practice nursing as a profession.

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Interesting Information about the BSN Degree Online Programs

The online programs offered by the above health institutions offer the students an opportunity to gain the nursing skills and at the same perform their daily duties. One can therefore, work and learn without having to drop one activity at the expense of the other. There is no reason why anyone passionate about the nursing profession should not apply for the BSN Degree or MSN Degree.

Get a BSN degree and the desired education by choosing the right program!