Associates Degree in NursingWhy One Would Want to Pursue the Associate’s Degree in Nursing

Nursing is a career which demands that there be regular graduates every year to meet the every growing demand for health services. This probably why there are quite a significant number of degree programs that fall under the nursing department.

Job Outlook

Health is a very critical industry which is very dynamic and constantly needs more personnel. Since the world is focusing more on the preventive health care, there is a great need for the number of nurses to be increased if this emphasis is to succeed. Those wishing to pursue the Associate’s Degree in Nursing need to understand that after the successful completion of the degree program, they are awarded a certificate of a registered nurse. The duties of a registered nurse are basically the normal duties. It has been noted that nursing jobs could be the most growing industry with an estimate of a growth of 225 between 2008 and 2018. This is a very encouraging growth rate and it assures aspiring nurses of employment opportunities, unlike other industries. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about EdD Nursing Degree.

The Mandatory Requirements for an Associate’s Degree in Nursing

The first requirement is certainly to be a high school graduate or for the applicant to have passed the high school equivalency commonly referred to as the general educational development test. One is not only required to have graduated from high school but also to have graduated with a high school grade point average of 2.5 and above. The applicant will also be required to have completed one-year programs in high school in chemistry, biology, and algebra and have scored a minimum of C-. Some medical institutions offering this program also demand that the applicant take urine drug screen test and also subject themselves to a criminal background check. After one has successfully met all these requirements, the final requirement is to take an HESI test and score a minimum mark of 75%. The test simply assesses the proficiency levels of the applicant in the areas of grammar, reading, vocabulary, and math.

Institutions Offering the Nursing Associates Degree

  1. Western Governors University. It is important to note that some of these programs are offered on an online platform. This institution, for instance, offers online associate nursing degree and other related nursing courses. The program offered here is driven by the need to provide the public with competent health officials.
  2. Grantham University. This is also another program which offers the Associate’s Degree in Nursing on an online platform through its College of Nursing and Allied Health. With over 5 degree programs in nursing, this institution guarantees nothing but the best of nurses.
  3. Grand Canyon University. This is an accomplished institution offering the nursing degree programs to perfection. The programs provided by this institution are more into practical learning which guarantees that the students who pass through its system of education are well equipped to handle any situation that may arise.
  4. Keiser University Health. Located in Florida, the nursing program offered by this institution concentrates not only on equipping the students with nursing skills but also with compassion skills. This ensures that the nurses are able to attend to the needy patients with a lot of care and compassion.
  5. Walden University. Due to its well-skilled faculty members, the institution is able to provide its students with the relevant nursing skills. It also offers online programs and its online programs intake levels have been ranked second.
  6. Drexel University Online. Being among the first institutions to offer online nursing programs, it has gained a lot of popularity and experience in offering the best nursing education.
  7. Brigham Young University. Operated and managed by a church, the institution not only focuses on the equipping it student with nurse skills but also on moral behaviors and nursing ethical issues which are very helpful in ensuring that the graduates are able to perform their nursing duties diligently.

Understanding Why One Needs to Enroll in the Associate Degree Nursing Programs

With the current and ever rising demand for nurses either I hospital based health care or home based healthcare, nursing is surely on its way to becoming one of the most demanded skills in the professions world. Such statistics are proof of what the future holds for aspiring nurses and people should not hesitate to enroll for an Associate’s Degree in Nursing especially now that all the information has been made available.

Don’t hesitate and apply to the desired program right now to get the associates degree in nursing!