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new york university nursing program application applyingAt the New York University College of Nursing, they are committed in producing great learners that will excel in nursing field and become magnificent leaders. The program was founded in the year 1932 reflecting dynamism, intellectual curiosity as well as quality characteristics of NYU. In the year 1854 under leadership of a good person named as Martha E. Rogers, which is the department chair, it is the first university that treats nursing as science. The excellent programs of nursing such as PhD, DNP, MS and BS give education foundation in preparing the next and best generation of leaders in nursing field. The mission of the program is to give quality innovations in nursing profession. The program is committed to support and inclusion of ideas and individuals from all who comprises their multicultural community.

What Makes NYU Nursing College an Education Experience Like no Other

  • Internationally recognized faculty
  • Long tradition when it comes to academic excellence
  • Access to best health centers
  • Robust global learning network
  • Part of largest private research schools in the United States
  • One of the most exciting programs in the nation

If you enroll at New York University School of Nursing, you will become part of dynamic environment that prepared students to become nurse leaders. School of nursing develop skills and expertise that will be your key to your success in getting a magnificent nursing profession.


Undergraduate: With the program, you get real life education and groundbreaking research. Whether you hold bachelor’s degree in any field or you are a high school student or a nurse having associate degree, college of nursing at NYU will prepare you for innumerable rewards and exciting challenges. They have innovative courses that give strong foundation in sciences and liberal arts. Students will get incomparable resources and unlimited opportunities.

Graduate: At the nursing program, students’ achievement is their achievements. According to US News and World Report, they are number one on geriatric nurse education. They are first graduate program in the nation offering innovative curriculum. Their graduates gain skills in diagnostic reasoning and advanced physical assessment, practice management, leadership and clinical decision-making.

MS: For applicants in MS program, it is essential that they fill out the FAFSA form. The program encouraged candidates to apply as early as possible. In addition, you need to keep it mind that the listed deadline are in office deadlines and not postmark deadlines. It is the advantage of the applicant to apply early, especially if they will apply for financial aid.

By the time that applicants have submitted their online application, there are documents that should be submitted to New York University nursing program. When it comes to original documents, it should be submitted to Office of Graduate Student Affairs and Admissions:

  • 1 official transcript of record from every post secondary university attended
  • Unofficial copy of applicants latest IELTS or TOEFL scores whose English is not their native language. The official scores are required before the admission decision rendered. The nursing program require minimum IELTS band score of 7 and TOEFL internet based score of 90
  • Original course by course transcript evaluation for transcripts received from foreign schools of higher education
  • GRE scores are not being required for your program f.e. CNM nursing program

Note: in one package, it is important to mail all supporting materials to the given address of the program. In checking your status of application, you can login to your account.

If you applying to the nursing program make sure that you have a complete application form. You need to submit all requirements that are needed so that you can qualify. Start to apply today to become part of the program you want no matter where you want to apply to New York or Duke University School of Nursing.

Apply to the New York University College of Nursing today!

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