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Your personal statement for nursing school is your chance to shine that is why you need to ensure you show your strengths, achievements and career aspirations. It is essential that your statement is full of great details that the reader should know. You need to present it professionally, tell about your ambition and experience.

Some Relevant Quotes

  • Caring is the essence of nursing
  • Our job as nurses is to cushion sorrow and celebrate joy, while we are doing our job
  • To go above and beyond call of duty
  • Education is most powerful weapon, which you can use in changing the world

Nursing School Personal Statement Tips

  • Plan your essay: In order to have a good UCAS personal statement nursing, you need to plan ahead of time. You should spend time in planning what your essay must have. It is better to highlight items you want to include in your essay. Be sure to let the reader who you are and why you want nursing.
  • Stand out: To stand out, you need to express your personality to convince your readers that you are the right person they are looking for. A good way to convince them is to share a story or experience that you had that makes you to choose nursing school. Use your essay in showing that you are the person they need in the program.
  • Share your dreams: Earning your degree and getting into the nursing school is important to make your dreams come true. In your personal statement, you need to include your long-term goals. For instance, if your goal is to help children, express it. Keep in mind that admission committee is interested to hear and know your long-term goals because it will show that you are dedicated in achieving it.
  • Care about people: It is not enough to say that you have passion, because it is also important that you show you care for other people. By doing this, you can cite examples of what you have done before in taking care of patients. Make sure that you let the admission committee to know that you have the passion in caring others.
  • Explain qualifications: Your work and academic qualifications are also important. Use your personal statement to explain more about it so that they have more understanding how you get that test scores and grades. Use it to give more details about your education, volunteer opportunities, practice and internships.
  • Reason: You need to tell to the committee why you want to become part of them. Simply saying that you want to enroll in their program is not enough. Give reasons in applying and be sure that you use stories in telling it. The committee wants to know something different why you want to become part of top nursing schools. Each applicant has a reason that he or she want to enroll in the program.

Expert Advice

ucas personal statement nursing online“In writing the personal statement, one must be careful with your first line. You need to make sure that you use the best tone. According to head of admission in the University of Sheffield, it is essential to have a striking opening statement. You need to avoid using radical or humor statement because it will not get the attention of the readers” David Ellis

By following the advice from an expert and nursing resume tips, you can start to write your own personal statement. Be sure to share your dreams, your passion and others to your readers so that they get a sense of who you really are.

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