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The University Of Pittsburgh School Of Nursing is dedicated to give students a strong education foundation that they need in their career. They get everything they want in order to improve their skills and knowledge.

Facts about University of Pittsburgh Nursing School

  • The school give students a great educational foundation in conducting evidence based practice, have superb health sciences knowledge and to be engage in scholarly activities to improve healthcare delivery.
  • Graduates of the program possess thinking and critical appraisal skills, sophisticated knowledge, clinical practice as well as ability in integrating latest research findings to give safe, effective and thorough patient care.
  • University of Pittsburgh nursing school mission & philosophy enabled them to evolve into leader in nursing research, education as well as clinical opportunities.


  • Undergraduate students: Applicants must need to review the admission requirements to get BSN degree. You also need to know about their full time, pre-licensure nursing program.
  • Transfer students: The program invites candidates to explore information about their transferring program.
  • Graduate students: To study in their graduate level program, you need to check out the requirements in Doctor of Nursing Practice, PhD in Nursing and Masters of Science in Nursing.
  • International students: If you are outside of United States and want to become part of University of Pittsburgh nursing school, you need to check out their international students program to know about the requirements and application process.

Degree Programs

  • Undergraduate BSN program: Their program combines latest clinical theory with traditional nursing values and with emphasis on holistic patient care.
  • Accelerated second degree BSN: The program is designed in enabling students with previous baccalaureate degree f.e. CCRN test to earn BSN in three consecutive terms.
  • RN options: The curriculum is being designed for RN who obtained their education in nursing through either associate degree or accredited diploma in pursuing their undergraduate education.
  • Master of Science in Nursing: The program ranked as the fifth top-notch program in 2016 according to US News and World Report. The program will prepare students to keep pace with changing demands of nursing profession and health care systems.
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice: The program prepares leaders of nursing to have highest level of clinical nursing practice. At the school, you can get most of their DP majors after you earn your MSN or BSN. They are offering numerous majors in meetings needs of patient populations and health care systems.
  • Doctor of Philosophy: The program prepares students to discover scientific knowledge advancing their practice of nursing as well as to contribute to other disciplines.

Piece of Advice from Expert

university of pittsburgh nursing program application“It is essential that you obtain high grades because there is no substitute to it. It is always essential to get great MCAT score and you need to apply as early as possible. You better start applying in June so that you do not have much stress. You also need to gather recommendations as early as possible. Most of the nursing programs prefer academic or professional letter. Aside from this, you are required to write an essay and you need to make it unique. Be sure also to get medical experience in order to prove your skills and make some research as much as possible” David Steinhardt

If you want to become part of University of Pittsburgh nursing program, be sure that you know what the requirements to submit are. Obviously you also need to ensure that you submit your application as early as possible which is important when applying to other universities f.e. University of Washington School of Nursing. Make time to think and plan on what you should do so that you have a wonderful application.

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