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You Need the Best Resume for ICU Nurse

If you have already taken a look at our ICU nurse resume sample then you will understand that yours must be written with great care to present you in the right way for your job hunting. This area of nursing is growing rapidly with an increase of over 16% expected over the next 10 years. With lots more jobs come lots more opportunities, but, managing to land one will depend on the impression that your intensive care unit nurse resume makes with the recruiter.

This is why you will need to ensure that you take the time to ensure that your resume is perfectly written and tailored for the job that you are applying to. You have to quickly and effectively show the recruiter that you have the specific skills and experience that they are looking for. Only if you can do that will you be considered for an interview.

What Does an ICU Nurse Job Entail?

Most ICU staff will specialize in a specific area such as cardiology, pediatrics, oncology, or neuro care. The roles however are fairly similar in that they will be working with patients that need detailed care due to life-threatening issues. All nurses in this demanding area should have excellent communication skills, must be able to act calmly under extreme pressure and rise to any challenge thrown at them. They must also have the technical skills required to:

  • Monitor the equipment used for the patients
  • Watch for often subtle changes and assess the patient
  • Manage medication doses
  • Provide anesthesia and ventilation support
  • Provide end of life care

Tips for Writing Your ICU Nurse Duties Resume

Providing an effective resume means writing something that quickly and effectively shows your personal skills and training as a perfect match to the job that you are applying to. Achieving this, however, is not a task that many nurses look forward to. Most simply use the same resume and update it every so often and send the same version to every job they apply to. They then wonder why they are never the one called for an interview.
The following tips should be followed when writing your CRNA nurse resume: icu nurse resume sample

  • Understand what the recruiter will be looking for: review the job advert and any information about the department that you are applying to so that you can clearly identify what they will be looking for in your resume. Ensure that you fully mirror their expectations in your resume.
  • Keep to one or two pages maximum: any more than this simply will not get read. It will also mean that your resume contains much more information than they will be looking for and you may be obscuring what they want to see with irrelevant info.
  • Format your resume with care: the page should look clear and clean with a minimum of text formatting so that you don’t confuse the reader. Keep things aligned to the left and maintain clear space around each section so that the eyes are drawn to where you want them to read.
  • Don’t use unsupported or generic skills: anyone can write that they are a team player or that they are hard working. Avoid these phrases and prove your achievements with examples.
  • Don’t use an ICU nurse resume objective, this focuses only on what you want. Instead, provide a summary of your personal skills or a short profile that describes who you are.
  • Proofread your resume carefully: spelling mistakes or other errors makes the impression that you are a sloppy nurse or that you are not bothered that much about the application.

5 ICU Registered Nurse Resume Sample Pages

From your ICU nurse job description for resume to your contact details, everything must be done perfectly if you are to impress the recruiter and show that you cover all CCRN requirements. The following examples are for your guidance only. You should never simply copy an ICU nurse responsibilities resume and try to use it as your own.

Take a look at these examples, more nursing resume samples are also available on our site:

ICU Cardiothoracic Nurse

Professional summary:

icu cardiothoracic nurse resume exampleHave been working in cardiothoracic intensive care units for over 3 years. Have worked with patients that have had heart and lung transplants, valve replacements and repairs, CABGs, and other procedures. Have also managed patients that are recovering from aneurysms, heart failure and other issues and worked with devices such as ECMO, VADs, and balloon pumps.


  • Professional bedside manner
  • Focused care for patient and family
  • Excellent problem solver
  • Can conduct thorough physical assessments
  • Use IV inotropes and vasoactive medications
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Use of Intra-aortic balloon pump
  • Central line maintenance and insertion
  • Heartmate II and III
  • Rotoflow (RF)

Work history:

  • June 2016 to Current, ICU Cardiothoracic Nurse
  • County Hospital – This state
  • Admission of sedated patients following surgical procedures
  • Frequently working with trached and intubated patients
  • Provided medications for all forms on a daily basis
  • Managed central lines, chest tubes, vas caths, Foleys, arterial lines, swans, etc.
  • Monitoring of hemodynamically unstable patients and provided interventions as appropriate
  • Conducted assessments, ordered and assessed lab tests as required.
  • Created patient care plans which included assessments, diagnosis, and evaluations
  • Closely working with intensivists, anesthetists, house officers, and surgeons
  • Finished a one-year residency with evidence-based capstone research project


  • 2015 BSc Nursing
  • The Best University, Town, State
  • Certifications:
  • Healthcare Provider BLS certification: 2013 onwards
  • ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) 2016 onwards
  • RN License No. 123456, 2015

Pediatric ICU RN


pediatric icu rn resume sampleA long-serving and dedicated Pediatric ICU RN with over 13 years of experience working at the county hospital of this state. Providing patient-centered nursing care in critical and urgent environments that is safe and compassionate.


  • RN Registered Nurse This State 2005 until present
  • PALS Pediatric advanced life support 2005 until present
  • BLS Basic life support 2005 until present
  • ACLS Advanced cardiovascular life support 2013 until present


  • Highly competent and safe application of medicine
  • Can remain calm under extreme pressure
  • Effective clinical assessment abilities
  • Patient advocate
  • Valuable member of multidisciplinary teams


  • Pediatric ICU RN
  • Jan 2005 to present
  • This State Children’s Hospital – This State
  • Working within the PICU to provide nursing care and support for pediatric patients that are critically ill. This includes all of the following:
  • Care for patients safely with intubations, central lines, conscious sedations, codes
  • Monitor and support CRRT patients
  • Perform careful monitoring to spot clinical changes and then alert physicians for interventions swiftly
  • Promote positive outcomes for patients through maintaining a healthy and respectful professional rapport with other team members.
  • Build trust with family members and work with them compassionately and honestly.
  • Working as the code white RN
  • Mentor / Preceptor for newly graduated RN’s and other nursing students for over 6 years


  • Bachelor of Science Nursing: 2005 (University of X State)

Neonatal ICU Nurse


sample neonatal icu nurse resumeCaring and dedicated NICU nurse with 8 years experience and an exceptional record of providing quality services. Can function at their best in a highly stressed and fast-moving environment, providing cautious hospital and home care. Very skilled at working with patient families for the development of care plans for the patient, as well as a group of patients.


  • Acute care facility experience of over 8 years
  • Keeps up to date with current procedures, techniques and principles
  • Exceptional understanding of patient care routines and the medical terminology in use
  • Able to maintain and update concise and accurate medical records and reports
  • Able to quickly and accurately evaluate medical records for admissions
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills


  • NICU Nurse Feb 2009 until present
  • Our County Health Services – City, State
  • Evaluation of patient history to determine care priority
  • Observe and document any symptoms and signs
  • Transfer and discharge procedures for patients
  • Proper administration of treatments and medication as required by the physician
  • Collection and storage of specimens for laboratory tests with accurate labels
  • Maintain a clean and efficient ward
  • Counseling and explaining recommendations of issues and care methods for families
  • Training and orienting new staff and nursing students, interns and residents.


  • BSc Nursing and Health Care Administration (University of State, City, state)

Surgical ICU Nurse


surgical icu nurse resume sampleHighly dedicated Surgical ICU nurse with 7 years of experience providing exceptional trauma patient care. Highly skilled multi-tasker who can effectively handle multiple crisis situations effectively and professionally. A very sympathetic and skilled counselor for both the patient and family members.


  • Highly familiar with the workings of current ICU equipment
  • Able to skillfully handle emergency ICU situations
  • Able to calm agitated family members and patients
  • Understanding of the pain and suffering that the patient is going through
  • Excellent listening and communication skills
  • Full understanding of the required paperwork and how to complete it accurately and quickly


  • Surgical ICU Nurse 2009 until now
  • State County Hospital: City, State
  • Assessment of surgical equipment within the department
  • Participation in any available education opportunities
  • Assessment of trauma patient needs and provision of treatment as required
  • Safe handling of blood and other samples as per all safety requirements
  • Ensuring that all safe working practices are followed for tasks within the department
  • Monitoring of ventilators and airway equipment
  • Provision of support and counseling for family members and patients
  • Close coordination and communication with physicians and other staff


  • Bachelor’s degree Nursing and Emergency Management 2008 (University of State, City, state)

Critical Care Technician


sample emergency and critical care technician resumeWith more than 10 years experience as a critical care technician I have had the opportunity to develop superior skills in this area. Able to handle multiple emergency situations effectively and efficiently I would be the perfect addition to any team.


  • Able to monitor vital signs and resuscitate patients
  • Can assess emergency situations accurately and quickly
  • Can take prompt action based on accurate assessments
  • Complete knowledge of emergency response systems and procedures
  • Excellent communicator within the department and without
  • Expertise in assessing cardiovascular, neurological and respiratory issues
  • Excellent decision making skills and the ability to think critically
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills


  • Critical Care Technician, 2007 until present
  • Local State Hospital, City, State
  • Phlebotomy, EKG, and glucometer testing
  • Vital signs recording and paperwork
  • Collection of samples for laboratory using safe and accurate processes
  • Cleaning and maintenance of equipment
  • Monitoring of tube feedings and calorie counting
  • Assistance with delivering CPR
  • Maintaining the correct level of supplies within the department
  • Post-mortem care


  • Degree in Health Sciences 2006 (State Medical College, city, state)

Keywords to Use in Your ICU Nurse Responsibilities Resume

Getting the wording correct in your resume is just as important as anything else. When the recruiter looks through your resume they will be usually scanning quickly for particular keywords and skills. Always carefully review the advert for the position to identify the specific words that they will be looking for. To help here are some of the keywords that may be required on your resume:

Critical thinking Venipuncture Accuracy Discharge communication
Injections Central line dressing Tracheostomy care Healthcare software Empathy
Blood glucose testing devices Patient assessment Cardiac care Listening Blood administration
Medications Diagnostic Assisting with exams and treatment Monitoring vital signs Electronic health records
Tracheostomy care Antibiotic therapy Empathy Critical thinking Patient assessment
Leadership Pain management IV therapy Injections Data management
Dressing application Family education Electronic health records Adolescent care Infection control
Diffusing Stressful Situations communication Critical thinking Empathy Intramuscularly injections
Attention to Detail Bladder irrigation Listening Empathy Multitasking
Managing Medications Interpreting Medical Tests Neonatal care Maternal care Family education
Monitoring vital signs Care of gastrostomy tube Dressing change Catheter care Emergency room care
Suctioning of the tracheotomy tube Infection control Healthcare software Data management Patient evaluation
Seizure precautions Blood administration Discharge Operating room Electronic health records
Making Referrals to Specialists Coping with Pressure Counseling Lab testing Decision Making
Operating room catheterization Consulting with Other Health Team Members Coaching Critical thinking
Empathy Maintaining patient charts Emergency room care communication Adhering to Ethical Principles
Dialysis Administration of medications Decision Making Dressing application Assisting in surgery
Pain management Infection control Critical thinking Counseling Data management
Bedside monitoring IV therapy Chemotherapy administration CCU Empathy
Intramuscularly injections communication Maintaining patient charts Dialysis Lab testing

How to Find a Job as an ICU Nurse

You have used our new grad resume template, you have included all of the keywords you have identified and written that perfect ICU nurse resume skills sample. Now, what do you do? The following will help you with your job hunting as much as more nursing resume samples no matter where you may be in your career from a new starter to an experienced ICU nurse:

  • Keep your focus: remaining positive about your job hunting is very important if you want to ensure that you will keep on applying for those positions as they become available.
  • Be flexible: if you are unemployed and you simply want to get a job then be prepared to take a job that may not be exactly what you are initially targeting.
  • Plan your job hunting: don’t leave things to chance. Create a plan and targets for your job hunting. Specifying how many job applications you will send each week can help you get the results you need.
  • Network: whether it is with potential employers or with other professionals, mixing with the right people can often provide you with many leads and also advice for your own job hunting.
  • Use social media: create impressive profiles on the sites that you use and increase your network to help your job hunting.
  • Tailor: don’t simply send the same resume for ICU nursing to every job that you see. Do not copy the simpliest new grad resume template you find online. Always review what the recruiter wants to see and tailor your resume accordingly.

Make use of our ICU nurse resume sample and writing advice to make sure that you improve your chances of getting an interview invitation once you submit your application!

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