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ACRN certification is different from other certifications like f.e. ACNP certification. It endorses the concept of periodic or voluntary certification through examination. The purpose of the certification is to promote comprehensive AIDS/HIV nursing care through qualified nurses by:

  • Encouraging continued professional and personal growth in the practice of AIDS/ HIV nursing;
  • Measuring and establishing a level of knowledge that is required for certification in AIDS/ HIV nursing;
  • Giving a national standard of knowledge for certification that assists public, members and employers of health professions in the assessment of AIDS/ HIV nursing practice
  • Recognize those persons who meet eligibility requirements as well as standards set by nursing certification board.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to have the aids certified registered nurse certification, it is important that you meet these requirements. The requirements will be the basis whether you can have a certification or not. Take note that it is not easy to get the certification you need for your chosen specialty that is why you need to be careful and serious in completing all the requirements.

  • Current license as a registered nurse in US or its international equivalent (It is essential that a copy of the current license should be submitted together with the application)
  • At least 2 years of experience in clinical practice, management, research or education that is related to AIDS nursing. It is recommended, but it is not required
  • Filing and completion of an application for the certification examination in AIDS/HIV nursing
  • Pay the required fee
  • Attainment of the certification and recertification

Eligible applicants who pass the certification examination in AIDS/ HIV nursing are eligible to use ACRN registered designation after their name. Keep in mind that the registry of nurses that are certified will be maintained by AIDS/IV nursing certification board and can be reported in ANAC’s publications.

The good news is that certification in AIDS/HIV nursing is recognized for a period of 4 years at which time the applicants must either pass or retake their current certification examination in AIDS/HIV nursing. When it comes to initial payment for the certification to AIDS/ HIV, the application fee for ACRN exam is $260 for ANAC members and $400 for non-ANAC members.

Examination registration: Candidates can complete their ACRN exam via online application or to submit the application that is downloadable. It is essential that applicants give proof of their current RN license together with their application.

Schedule of the examination: The time the candidate completes his online application, his eligibility will be verified by HANCB National Office. If the application of the candidate is approved, he will receive an email with instructions on when he takes the exam. The first testing date will be five days from the approval date of the applicant’s application. In addition, the candidate has six months from the date of his application approval to sit for his exam.

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Piece of Advice from Expert

aids certified registered nurse documents“It is important to attend the ACRN review course and it is important to remember the ANAC core curriculum for AIDS/ HIV because it plays a vital role in taking the exam” Shajuanda Walker

There you have the information you need to know about the certification for different programs like f.e. LVN programs. It is important that you do your best in order to pass the exam. As much as possible, learn all the things you need to put in your mind so that you can get an email about your application. Do not waste your time for any other things because it is essential that you are focused to complete the requirements and to ensure that you are well prepared enough to take the exam.

Learn from these facts and tips and get started for a ACRN certification today!

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