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University of California nursing programs give professional and academic education in nursing discipline. The body of knowledge comprises nursing science, which include application of knowledge from social, behavioural, biological as well as biomedical sciences. The programs prepare graduates for advanced and basic practice roles. The program promotes outstanding research in nursing science subspecialties.

The school of nursing program ensures that students can have a great atmosphere of learning. The program has international reputation for excellence in research, clinical practice and teaching.

University of California School of Nursing Admission Requirements

Through the innovate curriculum of the program, students acquire practice skills, learn relevant theory as well as socialized in profession of nursing. The program gives rich requirements for students in pursuing interdisciplinary and collaborative education. For international applicants, it is essential to contact the admission committee prior to applying for the admission.

  • Bachelor of Science Program: The program admit new undergrad students every year and they require completing of supplemental application in allowing potential students the chance to give additional details about preparation for entry into nursing profession.
  • Freshman applicants: Applicants need to satisfy the general freshman admission requirements of the school and they need to give the details required on school of nursing supplemental application.
  • Transfer applicants: Applicants must need to complete all IGETC requirements or the general education requirements at the university where previously or currently enrolled and equivalent of all non-nursing preparation for major courses as follows: Chemistry 20A, Chemistry 14A, B, C, communication 1 0r 10, Math 3A, Life science 2 and 3, Physiological Science 3 and 13, Microbiology as well as Psychology 10
  • LVUN 45 Unit Option: Licensed vocational nurses that interested in completing the 45-unit option need to meet the admission requirements for transfer. They need to follow the option formally and they need to meet with Director of Recruitment and Admission for counselling.
  • MSN: The school of nursing is offering option within Master of Science in nursing program that is created in preparing students having baccalaureate RN degree in another field to have a nursing career. The program can be completed in two years, which include summer enrollment between 1st and 2nd years. For students who complete the program, they are eligible to take National Council Licensing Examination to become registered nurse.
  • Master of Science – Advanced Practice Nurse: School of Nursing of the school is offering 2 years course of study that leads to Master of Science in Nursing. It was designed in preparing registered nurses having bachelor’s degree in nursing to have advanced practice. The program prepares nurse practitioners, nurse administrators as well as clinical nurse specialists.

Piece of Advice from Expert

university of california school of nursing enroll“In you want to apply for the program, it is essential that you need what to do. In applying, you need to choose what school you want to apply f.e. Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. You also need to get started with the university applications as early as possible. In addition, the program requires applicants to submit personal statement that is why you need to make sure that you have the best essay. You also need to check out what are the things you need to avoid in applying so that you have a great application.

It is important that you know how to apply with the University of California nursing program to have a guide on what you need to do. It is not easy to apply because there are many things you need to do and complete. To have a successful application, check out the site of the program for more details to start preparing for your application ahead of time”

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