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University of Virginia School of Nursing has a long traditional as national leader in offering nursing education with the commitment to robust research and clinical research. In the year 1901, the program was founded.

University of Virginia Nursing School Applying

The good thing is that the program is offering exceptional programs for students in order to become great nurses. The nursing school has a good ranked in the nation in offering excellent health system.


  • Applicants are high graduate
  • Applicants are transfer student from other university or college
  • Applicants are current student of the university from another major
  • Applicants are registered nurse having associate’s degree or have diploma


  • Applicants have graduate or bachelor’s degree in other field and want to change their career
  • Applicants have BSN degree and planning to advance their career in nursing with master’s degree
  • Applicants have master’s or BSN nursing and planning to enroll in nursing doctoral degree
  • Applicants have MSN degree and looking certification in nursing specialty
  • Applicants have MSN or BSN degree and planning to take course on non-degree basis
  • Applicants are international students with MSN or BSN and planning to pursue graduate degree

Admission deadlines: Nursing programs have their own application deadlines that are why you need to check out their site to know the exact date of submission of application. The MSN, DNP and undergraduate admission committee start to review applications after the deadline.

Recruitment travel and graduate admissions: Representatives of nursing school office of admission attend conferences as well as visit colleges, area hospitals and schools to give information about their academic programs.

Prerequisites of graduate programs: Different programs in UVA nursing school have their own course prerequisites. These courses must need to be completed before the student can start to enrol in classes. It is important that applicants should get grade of B or higher in order to satisfy the prerequisite of the admission. The good thing is that some of prerequisite courses can be completed at community colleges.

Financial aid: There are students who need a help in paying their tuition and the school is offering financial aid to incoming as well as returning nursing students. The program email the scholarship application to new students after the admission offers is done. In addition, students can apply for University or School awards for interdisciplinary or nursing research projects, study abroad, DNP programs online, presentations and other things. For undergraduate financial aid, they need to complete the free application for federal student aid or FAFSA, CSS profile and UVA financial aid application. For graduate financial aid, they need to complete the free application for federal student’s aid or FAFSA, financial aid application and nursing application for graduate teaching assistants and scholarships.

Piece of Advice from Expert

university of virginia nursing program applying“Each applicant of the nursing program needs to know about the process. They should not be stressed on the application process because they will have more difficulty in completing it. In handling the challenges in the nursing program, it is essential to manage your time. Doing it will make the task easier and you also need to breathe to calm yourself. Breathing will help you to be concentrated on what you are doing. You can also try to make some exercise and it is always good to think positively” Andrew Evered

If you want to become part of University of Virginia nursing program or University of Texas Nursing School or any other one make sure that you do your best in completing all the requirements. You need to check the site of the nursing program to be sure that you prepare all the documents needed.

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