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university of pennsylvania nursing program enrollAt University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, they have strong voice in policy arenas and leadership. They have deep engagement in research, health and practice in United States and across the world. University of Pennsylvania Nursing is a world-recognized leader when it comes to advance nursing education and they prepare their students for interdisciplinary care as well as new trends in nursing.

University of Pennsylvania Nursing School: How to Apply

Here are details you need to know in applying to the nursing program of the school.

  • Incoming Accelerated BSN Students: Students who are applying for the University of Pennsylvania nursing program need to check the link in the site of the program. Here are details that you need to know in applying.
  • Applicant need to complete two applications: Submit their BSN degree application and complete the online application before they can start their accelerated BSN-PhD application. For this application, you need to give details for your third recommender as well as upload your personal statement together with your resume to complete your application.
  • For the PhD essay, you need to answer the questions about your desire in entering the program.
  • For letters of recommendation, it should be submitted online: The program does not accept paper copies and printable versions. One recommendation should come from academic.
  • Applicants need to submit their official transcript of record, which includes transcripts from any classes that taken while studying abroad or taken at community college.
  • GRE test is required in applying to accelerated Hillman BSN-PhD program.


If you become part of the program, you will be surrounded by high level of scholarships, build a good career and to learn from finest faculty that take you where you want to go. The program is in the list of world-renowned research LPN schools that cultivates your critical thinking, knowledge sharing and innovation. Their students hail from all parts of the world and they have diverse mix of interests and talents creating excellent learning environment.

Penn Nursing Degree Options

  • Undergraduate and transfer: They consistently rank as the top choice by applicants. University of Pennsylvania nursing program offers students liberal arts education, boundless options and strong clinical preparation in creating a good path in healthcare system.
  • Accelerated: The degree is designed for students with no bachelor’s degree and who are interested to enter nursing profession. The degree includes options like second degree program, Hillman scholars BSN-PhD program and MSN or BSN program.
  • Master’s: Their master’s degree is recognized around the world and it integrates research, clinical and education practice in creating unique academic experience that offers concentration in certain field of nursing at the same time expanding breadth and depth of student’s knowledge.
  • Doctoral: The doctoral degree program prepares students having advance healthcare by integrating research, practice and theory. Students are rigorously prepared to implement and create innovate ideas that determine future of profession, receive a CNL certification.

Note: It is essential to check out the degree you want so that you know the requirements you need to submit. Keep in mind that the requirements differ as well as the deadline that is why checking the site of the nursing program is important to know more details.

There you have the things you need to know about the program. If you want to apply, be sure that you complete all the requirements. You also need to know what degree option you want so that you can check out the specific requirements you need to submit. Be sure that you do your best in applying and make sure that you have complete application. The program does not accept any incomplete or late application that is why you need to make sure that you complete all needed materials.

Apply to the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Nursing today!

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