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Rush University is a private institution that is situated in Illinois Medical District and they are offering over 40 degree as well as certificate programs across nursing, medicine, biomedical research and allied health.

It was founded in the year 1972 and they educate over 2,400 students in online and campus that represented 18 countries. As of today, they continue to expand to ensure they meet the program learning needs.

Rush University College of Nursing Application

Nursing Science PhD: Rush University School nursing prepares students to become clinical researcher that advances nursing care of persons. The program helps students to integrate knowledge from behavioural, clinical sciences and biological. Students will perform clinical research contributing to scientific basis of care given to persons across lifespan and gain leadership skills that is necessary in serving health care system and senior academician. The program can be full time or part time and it is available online that can be completed for three to five years.

Nursing science PhD is available to master and bachelor’s nurses who want to get a PhD degree. They encourage non-nurses to hold a graduate degree in any health related field in order to apply. The LPN programs online do not require any specific work experience in the admission.

College of Nursing Admission Requirements PhD

Nursing school is participating in Nursing’s Centralized Application Service and here are things you need to know in applying:

  • Applicants must submit their bachelor’s degree from accredited school or university
  • Calculated GPA of 3 or better in 4.0 scale
  • Personal essay with substantive answers
  • 3 letter of recommendation from professionals. 1 letter should come from PhD prepared person and others should speak about your research abilities and scholarly abilities as well as potential. It is essential to choose a recommender that knows you well and able to evaluate your prospective or current leadership and clinical abilities, potential for completing the degree and critical thinking. Recommendations coming from relatives, co-workers and friends will not be accepted.
  • CV or resume including the following details:
  • Educational, professional organization and leadership activities
  • Community service
  • Scholarly activities including presentations, research, awards, honours and publications
  • Nursing license as well as state number
  • Work experience
  • TOEFL scores
  • GRE scores
  • Personal interview with the faculty

FNP or Family Nurse Practitioner: FNP having DNP degree will need to deliver primary healthcare to persons across lifespan as well as improve health of the population groups. Rush FNP will manage and diagnose chronic and acute conditions, promote healthy lifestyle choices, collaborate and educate with patients, emphasize preventive care and others. The program can be full time or part time and it is hybrid. It can be completed in 2 ½ up to 31/2 years.

Admission Guidelines to FNP

  • Bachelor’s degree from accredited school
  • Cumulative GPA of 3 in 4.0 scale
  • Pre-licensure GPA nursing of 3.0 or better
  • Personal essay with substantive answers
  • 3 letters of professional recommendation: 1 letter should come from manager or current supervisor and the other letters should come from persons with leadership positions who can talk about applicants clinical abilities. It can be academic faculty and it is essential that the recommender knows you well in order to evaluate your prospective or current leadership or clinical abilities and critical thinking.
  • Resume with details about community service, educational, professional organization and leadership activities, scholarly activities, nursing license or state number and work experience
  • RN licensure in US
  • TOEFL scores
  • GRE scores
  • Personal interview with the faculty

There you have the things you need to know about Rush University nursing school. It is important to know how you will apply so that you can prepare all the requirements as early as possible. It’s essential no matter where you’re applying Rush University or University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Nursing or any other one.

Apply to the Rush University College of Nursing today!

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