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Certification is a formal recognition of specialized skills, knowledge as experience in nursing. It’s demonstrated by achieving standards in promoting health outcomes. CBCN certification assures the nurses that they completed all eligibility criteria in earning the credential.

Why Be Certified

Certifications in CBCN can:

  • Validate specialized knowledge
  • Increase confidence in your abilities
  • Demonstrate commitment to chosen specialty
  • Contribute to personal satisfaction

Certified Breast Care Nurse Examination is going to test an applicant’s knowledge, which is essential in becoming as a competent practitioner in the field specific to breast care nursing. The certification itself is accredited and it welcomes all registered nurses to apply for it.

Influence of the CBCN Certification

If you have the certification, you can start practicing the subject areas you have. You can start to help other people and to learn more about your career. The good thing is that the certification allows you to do everything you need without limit, but it is essential that if your certification expired, you have it renewed or else you cannot do the things you have done before because you are no longer certified.

CBCN Certification: Applying for the Certification

breast care nurse certification 2017Like CARN certification application the test for the certification is 3 hour and it has 165 questions test that is based on test content online of CBCN. The content outline test is purely based on results of the role delineation study about basic breast care nursing practice.

When it comes to the CBCN content outline test, it includes 8 subject areas and each area has percentage. There are numerous nurses said that it helps them to know more about the area they study. It is essential to keep in mind that the names of generic drug are only used in the ONCC tests. If you pass the exam, your breast cancer nurse certification is valid for 4 years.

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Maintaining the Certification

You should be proud that you pass the exam and to keep it, you need to earn points so that you can renew it. Here are some things you need to do to keep your certification.

  • Log in details: You need to know your log in details. If you passed the test in 2012 or later, you need to use the Learning Plan. If you will renew your certification via ONC-PRO in 2012 to 2015, you need to take the assessment in order to determine the points that you need.
  • Plan your professional development: It is important that your assessment results or score report will tell the subject areas as well as number of your professional development points that range from 25 to 100. You need to do it to renew your certification.
  • Choose the necessary subjects: Use score report or the assessment results to see what subject areas you need. After that, you need to go back to current test content online to guide you in identifying if the programs f.e. NP programs are in the subject area that you need.
  • Enter your points: Be sure that you keep track of your details, especially your earning points.
  • Keep all documentation: The program strongly encourage applicant to record their points. They also need to keep all the copies of their publications, reports, educational objectives, program descriptions as well as outlines.

There are many things you need to know about CBCN and it is essential that you check the site for more information. You need to know how to maintain your certification, how you renew it and what requirements you need to submit. Finally, if you know what you will do, you will not commit mistakes. If you want to get the certification, believe in yourself that you can meet all the requirements.

Apply and obtain CBCN Certification today!

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