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There are many nursing certifications out there f.e. AOCN certification. But APRN means that you need to have authorization of the board to become part of their activities in advanced practice nursing. The activities include diagnosis, treatment, advanced assessment, consultations as well as some modalities for groups, communities or individuals across life span in relation to health maintenance or health promotion. Practice in APRN practice includes activities within APRN’s categorized scope of practice, clinical category as well as advanced practice nursing accepted standards.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Certification: What You Should Know

It is important that you let the board that you completed the APRN program. Before you start practicing as APRN, it is essential that you obtain the authorization of the board in practicing clinical category in areas of nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, psychiatric mental health nurse specialist, nurse anesthetist or clinical nurse specialist. Here are the criteria you need to meet in getting authorization of the APRN board.

  • Valid RN license
  • Good moral character
  • Compliance with academic requirements:
  • Graduate from educational program that is designed in preparing graduate in practicing APRN in clinical category, f.e. CNA programs
  • Successful completion in advanced pathophysiology, advanced pharmacotherapeutics and advanced assessments
  • APRN certification in clinical category (current)
  • Payment of required fees that established by Executive Office of the Administration & Finance

Applying for the Authorization APRN

  • Applications for the authorization: Applicants can get it from PCS or Professional Credential Services. It is important to follow instructions as well as read all listed materials to avoid delay. Take note that separate authorization and application is needed for every clinical category in APRN.
  • Specialty: Bear in mind that the Board give authorization to practice clinical category in APRN and not by specialty. It is essential that you only practice in clinical category where you get authorization. Also the board will request anytime that applicants give documentation that demonstrates clearly candidate’s competence to give care for public in line with your practice.
  • Expiration: If your APRN certification has expired, then you cannot continue to work in your APRN role. It is essential that APRN applicants need to hold latest advanced practice certification that is professional to engage in the practice and maintain advance practice authorization. If you have certification that is re-issued, then you need to get in touch with the Board.
  • Make your APRN authorization become current: To do this, you need to contact the Board and you need to send request. After the board receives your request, they will verify it. If they are satisfied, you will get a notification about your authorization for APRN is current. With that, you can now go back to practice.

Advice from Expert in Preparing for the Certification

advanced practice registered nurse application“It is important that you know your options in preparing for the certification. You also need to have a clear understanding about APRN and one of the ways to do it is to try practice questions. It is a good way to test your knowledge. To begin in the certification exam, you need to consider what studying methods you will use. It is also better to take online course or listen to audio review” Kristen Hopf

“Long preparation is essential in taking the exam. It is important to begin by surveying the materials you need to use. You also need to set your goals for every week and to study in ways that is best for you” Amelie Hollier

If you want to become advanced practice registered nurse, you need to pass the certification examination so that you will be qualified. With this issue, the psychiatric nurse resume writing service is always ready to help you out. The certification will give you the opportunity to start practicing your specialty and to do what you want. Finally, it is important that you do your best in taking the certification exam.

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