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University of Illinois College of Nursing give excellent foundation for lifetime and fulfilling career to students. They are one of the fastest growing professions in the nation and they are also one of the leading universities in US.

About University of Illinois Nursing Program

university of illinois school of nursing applyingAt the university program, students will be surrounded by nursing leaders as their instructors. They are also surrounded by supportive and energetic peers, work with best clinical partners and receive professional and personal guidance. The UIC College of Nursing is offering two routes to complete the BSN: the RN-BSN completion and traditional BSN. The traditional BSN is perfect for student who do not have RN license. The course can be completed in two years. For RN-BSN completion program, it is perfect for RN licensed student looking to complete their bachelor’s degree. If you complete the program, you earn full accreditation BSN from the university.

Admission on University of Illinois School of Nursing

Transfer admission: The admission to BSN program is highly competitive and for full consideration, there are admission criteria you need to meet:

  • GPA of 2.75 cumulative transfer
  • GPA of natural science at least 2.50
  • Completion of 3 to 5 prerequisite science courses

Note: There is additional documentation that required for international applicants and it is important to visit the office of admission office for more details. In addition, if you meet the admission criteria, you have complete application, but admission is not guaranteed.

  • All pre-requisite course should be completed with grade of C or higher
  • The 5 pre-requisite science course should be completed in 7 years
  • Applicants must need to have BSN pre-requisite courses
  • Successful candidates may be called for interview by the faculty after the deadline of the application.

Pre-requisite Courses

The pre-requisite courses can be completed in any accredited university or college. The UIC is offering individual pre-admission counselling appointments to transfer students who have questions about transferability of courses and application.

  • General chemistry: Four to five hours
  • Organic or bio chemistry: Three to five hours
  • Anatomy and physiology 1 and 2: Eight to ten hours
  • Microbiology: Three to five hours
  • UIC Nursing requirements Liberal Arts:
  • Lifespan development: Three hours
  • Statistics: Three to four hours
  • Human nutrition: Two to three hours
  • Upper division elective: Three hours
  • Electives: Varies

How to Apply for the Nursing Program

RN-BSN Completion: The program starts in January and August every year. To know more information, it is important that you visit the online MSN programs site.

Traditional BSN: Transfer students need to complete the application process as early as possible. All the materials required, which include supplemental and credentials should be submitted as well as post-marked by the deadline in order to be considered. The application is electronic and applicants need to follow the application instructions.


UIC inter-college transfers: Applicants must need to request internal BSN application. You need to have an account.

Transfers: Transfer students must need to use the UIC web application system.

UIC and non-UIC should pay the application fee and it is non-refundable. Applicants need to use UIC inter college transfers and transfers in answering the essay questions. Applicants must need to use proper punctuation and grammar. Resume should be submitted by applicants and reflect previously earned degrees, volunteer activities, employment history, computer skills, previous nursing courses and proficiency in any language aside from English. For UIC inter college transfers applicants, it is essential to upload their application to internal BSN application. For transfer applications, within three to five days of completing their web application, they receive an email on how they upload certain documents.

For inter-college transfers, candidates need to submit at least two recommendations letters and for transfers, they need to submit at least one recommendation letter from academic or professional reference. Inter college transfers do not need to submit official transcripts during application process while for transfers, they need to submit their official transcripts from each university or college attended.

Pre-requisite self-evaluation:

Inter college transfers: It is important to complete pre-requisite self-evaluation table that is embedded in the supplemental application.

Transfers: Applicants must need to download the pre-requisite evaluation form and prepare to upload their resume in PDF format.

Piece of Advice from Expert

“You can become part of the University Of Illinois School Of Nursing if you make an effort to know what the admission officer wants. You need to learn what they are looking for and what you should do in obtaining missing qualifications” Cindy Mehallow

Learning of these details, applicants must prepare for their applications earlier and complete it based on prescribed time to have a chance to succeed. Prepare your requirements and follow instructions no matter where you’re applying to Illinois, University of Alabama Nursing School or somewhere else.

Begin applying to the University of Illinois College of Nursing today!

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