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CPHQ is also known as Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality credential that signifies academic and professional by persons in healthcare quality profession. It’s one of the PhD nursing programs that is accredited by National Association for Healthcare Quality.

CPHQ incorporates the body of knowledge in healthcare quality profession, including:

  • Operational and strategic roles in leadership and management
  • Information management, which include data collection, design, analytics, measurement and communication
  • Quality measurement, improvement and performance, which include implementation, planning, training and evaluation
  • Operational and strategic tasks in patient safety

Earning the CPHQ: CPHQ Certification

Since healthcare continues to develop and it needs more staff in organizations, it needs quality healthcare and good professionals. Healthcare quality professionals address numerous issues like mortality, medication reconciliation, risk management, quality management, incident rate reduction, patient safety and quality improvement. With that in mind, it is essential to earn CPHQ credential.

Who Should Attend

  • Quality manager
  • Quality improvement coordinators
  • Case managers
  • Utilization managers
  • Risk managers
  • Instrumentation engineer
  • Patient safety
  • Hospital administrator
  • Infection control professionals
  • Pathologist consultants
  • Others

Course Outline

Quality structure and leadership:

  • Leadership
  • Structure

Information management:

  • Data collection and design
  • Analysis and measurement

Process improvement and performance measurement:

  • Planning
  • Evaluation and implementation
  • Education and training
  • Communication

Patient safety:

  • Planning and assessment
  • Evaluation and implementation

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CPHQ Certification Requirements

The good thing is that there is no eligibility required in getting the certification. There are special benefits if you become a certified CPHQ and here are some of the benefits you experience:

  • Assess current status of healthcare activities and operations in hospitals
  • Implement, review and interpret requirements of different healthcare international standards
  • Identify root cause of healthcare problems as well as identify potential opportunities
  • Identify key performance in measuring effectiveness of hospital healthcare system
  • Preventive actions and identify corrective actions for healthcare problems that are related to processes
  • Reduce mistakes in diagnosis, treatment and healthcare examination
  • Reduce mistakes in the healthcare operational procedures
  • Develop effective healthcare plans for writing reports and audit of non-conformists
  • Ensuring stability of the healthcare system improvement and performance

Course fee: The fee for the exam preparation course is AED 3,000. The course includes course material, course instruction, knowledge & human development authority and course completion certificate that are approved by the Dubai Health Authority.

Exam information:

  • Online examination through the AMP Testing Center
  • Four hours
  • 140 multiple choice questions

3 types of questions: 53% application, 15% analysis and 32% recall. For application questions, it requires the applicant to apply details and interpret to situation. For analysis questions, it tests the applicant’s ability in evaluating, integrating or problem solving. For recall questions, it tests the applicant’s knowledge about specific concepts and facts.

Validity and Recertification: CPHQ needs to maintain certification by fulfilling the continuing education requirements that established and reviewed by HQCC annually. For current requirements, it includes maintaining and obtaining documentation of thirty CE hours over two years recertification cycle.

Useful Advise

Your strategy in taking the exam for CPHQ is based on you. How other applicants prepare might have been the best way for their knowledge, experience, skills or had better interviews because of nursing interview tips. If you ask someone on how to become a certified CPHQ, you need to consider some things, which include:

  • What’s your experience in the healthcare quality
  • What are your weaknesses and strengths?
  • What other credentials you have such as master’s degree or certification?
  • What is your learning style?

There you have the details you need to know about certified professional in healthcare quality certification. Be sure that you know what to consider before you start applying for the certification. Do your best and prepare yourself so that you will know what to do.

Be accepted for a CPHQ Certification today!

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