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cnl certification applicationCNL certification purpose is to make unique credential for graduates of postmaster and master’s CNL programs. Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements as well as pass CNL certification exam can get credential of CNL. The CNL certification is based on the national standard of requisite experiences and knowledge that assist employers, member of health professions and public in assessment of CNL. CNL is certified by the Commission on Nurse Certification and it is essential to have a graduate EDD nursing education because CNL requires high level of knowledge and clinical competence. In practice, CNL oversees integration and coordination of care for distinct group of patients. It helps clinician to puts evidence-based practice to action and make sure that patients will benefit from latest innovations in terms of care delivery. As CNL, they assess cohort risk, evaluate patient’s outcomes as well as have the decision-making authority in changing care plan when it is needed.

CNL Trademark

CNL is registered trademark of the AACN with trademark and patent office. They are holding service marks for both clinical nurse leader certification examination and clinical nurse leader. The acronym of CNL can only be used in describing clinicians who are credentialed.

Eligibility Requirements for Clinical Nurse Leader Certification

It is important to know the eligibility requirements in applying for the certification so that you can qualify. It is essential that you submit all the documents before the deadline. Be sure also that you are a student or graduate of CNL program.

Exam eligibility: To be considered in taking the certification exam in CNL, the applicants must complete their education program in CNL or student must be in his final year of CNL education program.

Certification Eligibility Requirements CNL

In order to be considered for the full certification, the applicant must need to meet certain requirements, which include:

  • Registered nurse licensure: The applicant will not be eligible to apply is he currently being disciplined by state nursing board.
  • Graduate: The applicant must need to be a graduate from CNL post master’s or master’s program that is accredited by nursing accrediting company that recognized by United States Secretary of Education. The agency prepares the applicants with competencies delineated in AACN white paper.

Note: The certification will be awarded by the CNC upon documentation as well as verification of the RN licensure and graduation from CNL education program.

CNL Faculty Waiver

The program is waiving eligibility criteria for the CNL faculty in applying for the certification. For the faculty who complete the criteria, they can sit for certification examination in CNL. Here are the requirements that should be submitted by the faculty:

  • RN licensure
  • Have a graduate nursing degree or any related health care discipline like public health or health care administration from school accredited by the agency and recognized by United States Department of Education
  • Teach in education program in CNL

Note: In applying for the examination, the CNF faculty needs to submit their online certification application as well as eligibility documentation form. Keep in mind that the waiver will expire on 31 day of December 2018.

CNL certification will be your help to know many things and to have the chance to practice what you have learned for many years. If you want to become a certified CNL, then do your best. You should make sure that you have all what it takes to become part of the program.

Getting the certification is not easy that is why doing your best is required no matter whether it’s CNL or CMC certification you’re applying for. You cannot pass the certification examination if you just apply and do not consider the requirements. Finally, start applying for the certification examination so that you can start to prepare as early as possible.

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