how to write a personal statement for nursing school

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Nursing personal statement must be personal and you need to add some information to convince the committee. You need to remember that what you write, it can be used by the committee to choose you or not. The essay is your chance to shine when applying to get your BSN degree and to give details about yourself that you think will help the committee to decide in choosing you.

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Seven Nursing Personal Statement Tips

How to write a personal statement for nursing school is not easy because you need to show what you got that others do not have. Here are some of the tips that you need to know when writing your essay after seeing nursing personal statement examples:

  • Explain reasons: It is important to show why you want to study the course and what motivates you. It is essential to mention your interests, what have you done and what inspirations you have that make you choose the program. You also need to make sure that you demonstrate your enthusiasm and in writing it, you need to be specific all the time.
  • Give evidence: It is enough that you just write why you want the course because you also need to give evidence. Yes, you meet the selection criteria, but you need to give more. You need to give samples of what you have got that make you the right person for the program. Show to the committee that you are prepared in taking the course.
  • Say what you have done: Writing what you have done is a good choice and as much as possible, it is better to outline how you pursued your interest beyond syllabus. You can tell about further reading that you have done in the subject or provide critical views about it.
  • Why it is important: Tell about your experience and explain what you have learned from it. Tell how you develop your interest with your experience. You can write any experience you have, whether it is volunteer, work or university experience.
  • Start early: Since the personal statement is not that easy to do, you need to start early writing it. If you have more months before the deadline, you need to start now because you still need to plan and brainstorm on what you will include. You need to make sure that you present an exceptional essay to the committee to get their attention. You cannot do this if you just write about your course training or experience. You need to offer more that they want to know.
  • Demonstrate: It is not enough to tell what you can do because you need to demonstrate. Show and not just tell. You can tell about your teamwork ability, leadership skills, good time management, organizational skills, problem solving and others.
  • Keep it positive: It is difficult to write your essay, but you should not panic. What you need to do is to begin with your strengths, enthusiasm and always be positive.

How to Write a Nursing Personal Statement Advice from Expert

how to write a personal statement for nursing school online“Applicants have to start their application as early as possible. They also need to start searching the web as well as web pages of their chosen institutions. Doing this will help them to narrow their choices and to begin writing their personal statement. Applicants must need to understand educational environment and look at different structure in writing the essay” Caroline Berry

It is true that a personal statement is an important part of applicant’s application that is why it should be written professionally and exceptionally.

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