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Acute care nurse practitioner gives personal care to patients with acute and chronic ailments as well as injuries. The ACNP certification is granted to nurses to give advanced nursing care in meeting specialized needs of patients with acute or chronic health conditions and has many similarities with CPHQ certification.

Facts about ACNP

  • Acute care nurse practitioner is a specialized certification and it enables them to practice in multitude of settings, giving care to adults suffering from chronic or acute illness.
  • With the acute care nurse practitioner certification, they can examine patients, interpret diagnostic studies, order, give medical treatment and diagnose disease.
  • ACNP is granted to nurses in order to give advanced nursing care to meet the needs of the patients with chronic or acute health conditions.
  • ACNP certification is awarded to acute care nurse practitioners that are certified through AACN certification corporation
  • From 1995 up to 2001, the ACNP certification program offered a joint venture between American Nurses Credentialing Center and AACN Certification Corporation
  • ACNP certification allows nurses to monitor and aid practice from complex and critical health issues. The certification program is valid for five years and it can be renewed and you can always include it in your nursing psychiatric resume.


In order to be eligible for the ACNP exam, you need to be a licensed registered nurse and graduate of accredited nurse practitioner IPN programs with a good acute care nurse practitioner track. It is essential that the person have master’s degree in nursing.

The time that the registration paperwork is completed, you have 90 day time period for the ACNP exam. For the cost, it is about $230 to 370 depending on the ANA membership. The exam contains questions with multiple-choice format. Examinees have 3 ½ hours in completing the test. About 50% of the exam is focus on the clinical decision-making and the other exam is focus on the principles of the patient care from nurse practitioner.

For recertification, it must be performed each 5 years to maintain your current Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certification. On the other hand, there are requirements that should be meeting to renew ACNP certification. It is also important that ACNP have worked for at least 2,000 hours in their chosen specialty for more than five years with at least 400 of hours in previous one year before the certification renewal. When it comes to board certification examination, the ACNP is competency based that gives reliable and valid assessment of entry-level clinical skills and knowledge of nurse practitioner. The certification is available for adult acute care population. The time you complete the eligibility requirements in taking the certification examination, you will be awarded with the credential, which is valid for five years. You can use the credential by making sure that you maintain your license to meeting and practice renewal requirements.

Apply for Certification

Initial certification: Applicants can apply for computer-based test year round. The exam can be completed in 3.5 hours having 175 questions. If you don’t pass the certification exam, it is important that you check the information about retesting.

Step 1: Confirm pricing and eligibility. It is important to read the eligibility criteria and it is important to see the discounts and pricing.

Step 2: If you do not pass the exam, you are allowed to retest.

Step 3: It is important to submit education verification documents. There are also mail materials you need to submit, which include the transcript of record, validation of education form and submit it to the mailing address.

Advice from Expert

acute care nurse practitioner certificate programs online tips“If you do not understand something in the application, you need to ask the committee. It is also essential to carry a notebook and write down all the details you need to learn about” Kristine Anne Scordon

There you have the details you need to know about acute care nurse practitioner certificate programs online.

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