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CMC certification requires experience, evaluation and education. CMC is peer-reviewed designation wherein senior practitioners need to have solid demonstration and understanding of common body of knowledge that is combined with an strict adherence to uniform code of the professional conduct.

Cardiac Medicine Certification Education

cmc nursing certification helpCMC candidates need to have university education from recognized program and have professional license such as CMA, CPA, CGA, CA or P.Eng

It is also important that CMC candidates should complete the professional education programs f.e. online PhD nursing programs.

Experience: All applicants need to have minimum of 3 years that is relevant to CMC.

Evaluation: CMC applicants must need to pass the national assessment that is tailored for them and based on experience. They need to understand as well as demonstrate the core competencies that are required by National Certification Committee.

Senior CMCs will review previous engagements an consider account client feedback. CMCs need to declare that they adhere to uniform code of the professional conduct as well as invest in continuing professional development.

Application Steams

There are certifications streams that applicants need to meet:

cmc nursing certification requirementsBasic: Applicants must need to have three up to nine years of experience having five satisfactory client’s evaluations. They also need to have a bachelor’s degree, which include five years of work experience and three years of full time significant professional education. Applicants must need to pass the oral and written examinations.

cmc nursing certification requirementsExperienced: For applicants having more than ten years of experience, the scope of oral and written examination can be reduced.

cmc nursing certification requirementsManagement: For applicants having more than 20 years of experience and having 3 years completion of projects, the scope of the oral and written examination can be reduced.

Initial CMC Certification

If you have demonstrated your skills, abilities and knowledge by achieving certification in your chosen area. Achieving subspecialty certification will exemplify your commitment to families and patients.

The certification exam policy handbook will give applicants detailed testing as well as policy details. The exam handbook includes certain exam details, which include CMC honor statement, test plan as well as application. If you are ready to sit for the exam, you need to submit your application online.

CMC Exam Content

cmc nursing certification demandsThe exam is two-hour test that consist of 90 multiple-choice items. Of the 90 items, the 75 are scored and the remaining is used in gathering statistical data on performance for the future exams.

cmc nursing certification demandsCMC exam is focus on adult patient population

cmc nursing certification demandsCMC test plan includes exam content that is organized by the body system with percentage breakdown for every topic area

Initial Eligibility Requirements

cmc nursing certification applicationCurrent, unencumbered license as APRN or RN in United States. The unencumbered license is not subjected to any format discipline by the nursing board and it has no conditions and provisions limiting nurse’s practice. It applies to APRN or RN licenses currently held.

cmc nursing certification applicationCurrent clinical nursing specialty certification in which the certification of CMC is attached. The specialty certification must:

cmc nursing certification applicationNationally accredited by NCCA or ABSNC

cmc nursing certification applicationInvolve in direct care of adult patients

cmc nursing certification applicationTest beyond clinical judgment including key nursing competencies of ethical practice and professional caring as outlined in Synergy Model for Patient Care

Applicants Must Need to Meet Practice Requirements

Practice as APRN or RN for 1,750 hours in critically ill or acutely adult patients. With 875 of hours in recent year preceding application. Of the 1,750 hours, 875 hours must be in care of critically ill or acutely ill adult patients.

There you have the CMC nursing certification information you need to know. If you want to have the certification whether it’s CMC or certification for medical assistant, make sure that you complete all the requirements.

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