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Certified Addictions Registered Nurse examination is being implemented by Addictions Nursing Certification Board that was designed to recognize and determine the ability in applying knowledge from nursing and to other related disciplines in taking good care of persons having problems that result from abuse, dependence and other aspects of addictions that is pretty similar to BCEN certification.

6 CARN Certification Tips

  • Be ready
  • Prepare early
  • Look for review materials online
  • Purchase study materials or ask a friend who is certified with it for some advice.
  • Complete the requirements
  • Check the deadline

Full Eligibility Criteria for CARN and CARN-AP


  • Applicant must need to hold full, unrestricted and current license as RN in the US, its territories or Canada. If the applicant has licensed in over 1 jurisdiction, the applicant need to hold unrestricted and full license in all jurisdictions. For non-US nurses, they are invited to apply for CARN examination.
  • Applicants must have minimum of 2,000 hours of nursing experience that is related to addictions as RN in administrative, staff, consultation, teaching, private practice, research capacity, counseling and
  • Thirty hours of continuing education that is related to addictions nursing in the last 3 years.


For certified addictions registered nurse, here are additional details they need to know.

  • Applicant must need to hold full, unrestricted and current license registered nurse in US, its territories or Canada. If the applicant is licensed on over 1 jurisdiction, he should need to hold unrestricted and full license in all jurisdictions. For non-US nurses, if they meet the criteria for eligibility, they need to apply for CARN examination.
  • Hold a master’s degree or higher
  • Give documentation with minimum 500 hours of supervised in advanced clinical practice with families and individuals impacted by dual diagnoses and addictions. The 500 hours should be eared while in master’s program
  • Submit copy of the applicant’s transcript of record in the master’s program verifying hours of supervised clinical practice OR
  • Applicant needs to submit verification forms found in application that is signed by supervisors, consultants in verifying completion of the post-master’s hours of patient contact or supervised direct client

Become certified CARN: In order to become a certified CARN, you need to complete the certification process, which include filling out application, give proof of licensure, work hours and continuing education hours. The application for the certification can be found on the site of the program.

Sitting for the certification examination: If you want to sit for the exam, a good time is 4 to 6 months prior to the examination. It is essential to download the handbook and application of ANCB Candidate Handbook. It is also important to complete the application and put together all materials needed. Be sure to send your application, required materials and testing fee to testing agency.

Remember, that CARN certification will make your new grad rn resume no experience stand out of the crowd.

CARN Nursing Certification Advice

carn nursing certification requirements“The certification examination is multiple-choice tests and it is essential that applicants read every question carefully. It is essential to choose the best answer. What you need to do is to be careful in answering and guessing does not have any penalty. You have 3 hours to complete the exam” Candidate handbook.

There you have the information you need to know about CARN. If you want to pass the exam, make sure that you check some practice questions and review materials online. You need to prepare as early as possible so that you have more time to review and you can study hard. You should not miss the chance to become part of the programs like certified nurse midwife programs and you can only do it if you do well in reviewing and studying. Be sure that you have all materials you need.

Check out more tips for CARN Certification today!

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