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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill nursing is recognized nationally and they are one of the premier nursing institutions in the nation. They have the mission for excellence in practice, nursing education and research.

The university is offering nursing education programs and PhD program. Some of the programs include:

  • BSN
  • MSN
  • PhD
  • Post-master’s program
  • Doctoral nursing programs of Nursing Practice program
  • RN-MSN option
  • Doctoral program (PhD)
  • Pre- or post-doctoral fellowships

The school has the commitment is offering the best nursing education with the help of their diverse faculty. They have strengths in areas of human responses to illness, health promotion, health protecting, outcomes and models in healthcare.

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Nursing Requirements

  • BSN requirements: They are offering undergraduate program to students in giving them the skill and knowledge necessary in order to function excellently in professional nursing areas. The curriculum offer 2 options:
  • 2 years courses in upper division in nursing school to be followed by 2 years courses in lower division in general college or at least earned previous bachelor’s degree with pre-requisites
  • Accelerated 2nd degree option for applicants with previous bachelor’s degree. Applicants are subject to requirements
  • Graduate programs: The school is offering 2 programs in preparing nurses for advanced nursing practice:
  • DNP
  • MSN

The two programs in postmaster’s certificate are offered in psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and health care systems.

Note: The programs are all campus based and courses are being offered in different format as well as delivery methods, which include web facilitated, online, hybrid and traditional. In the curriculum, it gives specialized practice and knowledge opportunities in advanced nursing option upon application in the program.

PhD program: The visit of the program is to prepare graduates who are capable of enhancing health of families, communities and individuals at the same time increase healthcare system effectiveness. The PhD program is one of the great in the nation.

  • They prepare scholars in conducting scientific studies that is consistent with program vision, which is to enhance health of families, communities and individuals and to increase effectiveness in health care system
  • They have been consistent as one of the best schools for nursing education in the nation and their faculty gives many opportunities for interdisciplinary, research training, professional development and collaboration. The opportunities give awesome training context in ensuring that their graduates are well prepared in assuming leadership roles in their research careers.
  • They are a part of great intensive school with diverse and rich environment.
  • They are a part of powerful health science division including pharmacy, public health, dentistry, medicine and social work.

Piece of Advice from Expert

To become part of the program, there are things you need to do and here are some of them.

  • Prepare: You need to review and study hard for success when taking nursing exams.
  • Have a good standing: Having a good standing is one of the things you need to know. Be sure to have good standings with your instructors and classmates.
  • Positive attitude: If you want to enter the nursing program, be sure to have a positive attitude all the time.
  • Start early: Do not forget that you need to start early so that you can submit your application as early as possible.
  • Good grades: Good grades are one of the requirements in applying to the nursing program that is why you need to do your best in getting high grades while studying.

If you know all the things you need to learn, then this is your time to start applying. Keep in mind that you have many requirements to submit that is why applying as early as possible is what you need to do no matter where you’re applying to North Carolina or Case Western Reserve University School of Nursing or any other university.

Apply at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill nursing today!

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