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It’s important that you know enough details on Emory University nursing program before you start applying. This page will help you to know more details so that you can decide whether you apply in the program on your own or want to follow those who choose to make their lives easier and rely on nurse resume services to edit their resume until it becomes ideal.

Myths about Emory University School of Nursing

  • School of nursing program is not competitive: This is one of the myths about the school because the school is competitive. Some people said that they are not competitive for the reason that they get only few applicants to become part of the nursing program. With this, the program only chooses the best that they think.
  • Not impressive: The school already proved what they could offer to students. The nursing program has impressive professors, presentation, program plan and instructors.
  • Low ranking online: If you read reviews and reports about the school of nursing program, you will know that they have a great ranking online in offering the program.
  • Not consider all applicants: The admission committee is fair when it comes to reviewing all applications. They make sure that all completed applications will be reviewed.
  • Not good enough: Since Emory University is one of the best nursing schools around the world, it only means that they are good enough to teach and help nursing students to become the next leaders i the healthcare industry.

Accelerated BSN Program Requirements

The program is full time allowing students to earn their BSN in 15 months. Students having bachelor’s degree in other disciplines f.e. advanced nursing degrees can apply to the program.

Prerequisites: The prerequisite include seven courses and applicants can submit their application with courses in progress. On the other hand, prerequisites should be completed with grade of C or better the time that the application plans to start the nursing program. It is essential that you check out the prerequisite courses to know if you qualify or not.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for the school of nursing program, you need to submit the necessary documents, which include:

  • Application for the Admission of School of Nursing
  • Settle the application fee
  • Submit official transcript of record from every university attended. For students having international transcripts, they need to give evaluation from World Education Services
  • Resume
  • Unofficial test scores including SAT, GRE, ACT or TEAS. Only one score is required. For test scores older than five years, applicants are encouraged to apply for TEAS test
  • TOEFL score are required for applicants whose English is not their native language

Note: It is important to review the pre-requisites tab in order to review the course requirements. All the pre-requisites courses should be completed with grade of C or better. The average GPA of admitted candidates is 3.5.

Apply: Admission decision is based on the applicant’s competitiveness and space availability. Candidates could be placed on the waitlist and decision for the waitlisted candidates will be announced if there are seats available.

Pre-requisite Courses Offered

The nursing program offer pre-requisites for health professions. They have ten-week online courses that are being offered each fall, spring and summer term for students who need to complete required pre-requisites. Here are some of the courses being offered:

  • Human growth & development
  • Introduction to biostatistics
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 with online lab
  • Microbiology with online lab
  • Human anatomy and physiology 2 with online lab

Piece of Advice from Expert

“If you want to become part of the nursing program, it is essential that you meet all the academic requirements of the nursing program. You also need to visit the school to talk with other students and get their perspectives about the program. In writing the essay, you can share about path you took in deciding that the nursing program is what you want”

It is not easy to apply to a university no matter which one Emory or University of Michigan Nursing School because there are many requirements you need to submit, what you need to do is to ensure that you complete all to qualify for the Emory University nursing school program.

Apply to the Emory University School of Nursing today!

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