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Ohio State University nursing program gives comprehensive tools and support in research, evidence based clinical practice and education. The program gives tools in supporting faculty, staff members and students.

Ohio State University School of Nursing Admissions

BSN Admission: The admission is competitive and candidates are being selected based on academic record, writing skills and critical thinking. For student’s academic record, it includes grades that they earned at college level. The decision is made after application deadline and candidates will be notified in writing. Admission process only happens per year.

Minimum requirements:

  • Graduate from accredited high school or its equivalent
  • Completion of the 30 semester credit hours of college course work
  • Minimum of grade C or higher in prerequisite courses
  • GPA of 3.2 or higher on collegiate academic courses
  • PA of 3.2 on prerequisite courses

Post admission requirements: Students admitted to the program needs to complete the nursing assistant course before they can start the program. For more details, it is essential to visit the website of the program. For students who take prerequisite courses at school that do not award grades on +/- scale, they need to earn a grade of B or better in every prerequisite course to be eligible for the admission.

Application process: Every year there will be a new application process and candidates need to complete all prerequisite coursework. For candidates who completed the prerequisite coursework outside, they need to submit their official transcript of record in the date that the program said.

Application review: All the transfer credit will be reviewed by Office of the Professional Admissions to make sure applicants meet the prerequisite requirements. Applicant is responsible to verify all prerequisite courses that they take meet the nursing program requirements.

Note: Candidates will not be considered for the admission is the coursework do not meet the needed direct equivalences or they do not meet the admission requirements. The LVN programs will not inform candidates about their unfulfilled prerequisite courses.

Graduate Entry Admissions: The program gives exciting opportunity for students who do not have nursing degree to earn Master of Science in Nursing.

Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in non-nursing major: For candidates who are RNs having baccalaureate degree in non-nursing field should apply to Traditional MS program.
  • Competitive GPA in undergraduate and the average GPA of candidates who admitted to the nursing program is about 3.5.
  • Completion of 5 prerequisite courses including human physiology, human anatomy, human nutrition and microbiology prior to admission with grade of B or higher
  • Completion of nurse assistant PCA or STNA course prior to admission. For more details, you need to check the page of MS GE prerequisite

Note: Numerous candidates are not required to submit their GRE scores and it is only required for candidates who meet these criteria:

  • Candidates have total combined GPA undergraduate below 3 OR
  • Candidates have total combined GPA graduate below 3 OR
  • Candidates have previous coursework completed at unaccredited university or college OR
  • Candidates have the interest to be considered for the nomination in Graduate School’s University Fellowship competition.

Application materials: Official transcripts of records from all colleges or universities attended

Purpose and goals statement, which include future scholarly endeavours, career trajectory and professional experience

  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • CV or resume
  • GRE scores (if required)
  • TOEFL scores

Piece of Advice from Expert

  • Good grades: Make sure that you have good grades to become part of the program. You need to meet at least the minimum grades set by the program.
  • Do your homework: Be sure to do your homework being assigned like taking HESI exam if it is needed and standardized test exam.
  • Applying to numerous programs: If you want to become part of the program, it would be better to apply to numerous programs simultaneously to increase your chance of being accepted.
  • Stay motivated: Do not lose the motivation to succeed because keep in mind that perseverance, as well as patience, is what you need to have in applying.

Start to apply to Ohio or Rush University College of Nursing or any other university if you know what to do and what requirements you need to submit. Do your best and do not lose hope that you can be accepted as long as you ensure you meet all admission criteria.

Apply to the Ohio State University nursing program today!

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